IMUK/Bolton 2010 training thread

As we should all be kicking off training plans for IMUK/Bolton thought it might be nice to start a thread to compare training and discus any problems support etc

So today I am having a rest dayimage

If this is already covered elsewhere apologies and please direct me where to go



  • Good man Max.

    4 mile run this morning to work in 6 inches of snow. May or may not make it home this evening. I haven't managed to get out on the bike yet this year, but the turbo is getting a bit of welly.

  • Training does,nt start officially for me till this Monday coming but I will do a bit this week to prevent total body shock on monday.

    My main aim this year apart from getting in all the training  and remaining injury free is to actually back it up with some decent core/strenght sessions as i have legs like Arnold shearzenneger imageand the upper body of Sid Littleimage I would also really like to become a resonable swimmer so will be focussing on technique for the first few months rather than speed or distance

    heres to PBs for old timers and success for newbies for 2010

  • Hmm Training,, Knew there was someting I meant to think about
  • Nobody else training? lots of snow this morning Mrs R caught me trying to commute in by MTB this morning and put a stop to that so train in and 30 min run in the snow into work instead gonna bin the swim I had planned this evening due to the weather get home then whack in 45 mins turbo and some weights/core, lots of snow and chaos down the sunny west countryimage
  • Looked out the window and decided to give the gym a miss- so into the garage and a 1hr 15 mins turbo.  Going to have to get the swimming going soon.  Very snowy here in the South Midlands.
  • 40 mins icy run this morning and started the 100 pressup routine for a bit of fun got  40 mins in the pool and a 30 min run booked in this evening and some severe turboing due this weekend if the roads are to dodgy to get out and ride. Proper planned training starts on monday  

    Anybody else gonna train for these or is it just Blimey, Dave, Slim and meimage

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  • Working a night shift tonight so i'm planning a 10 mile run in the snow in a minute. Not sure how deep it is over the fields so will have to wait and see! Turboing for me at the minute as well - the roads are like glass.
  • Ridge - are you doing Outlaw as well as IMUK???

  • Jenny50Jenny50 ✭✭✭

    Hi all.  Of course I am doing some training (ish) ridgebackmax although the weather conditions have made life very interesting. My schedule strictly speaking started this week but its mainly been confined to the gym.

    This is what I've done:  LSR on sunday in forest with running group (about an hour)- very muddy/icy etc but great fun. However I need some proper trail/fell shoes - can't do this again in road shoesimage

    2 sessions on stationary bike in gym one of 30 mins, one of 1 hr - 70-75%-  too dangerous to cycle on roads and no turbo yet image

    One treadmill run of 3 miles

    And as my place of work is closed today ( yay!)  I'm off for my first swim of the year.  This is by far my weakest discipline so really trying to focus on technique.

    Good luck to all!

  • Hi all, training has started for me too this week, although again the weather has caused a bit of a problem .Have resorted to spin sessions for the bike as have no turbo yet but have done 2x 45 mins. 3x3m runs. Have another spin session and a 6m run scheduled for the weekend.

    First swimming lesson this eve at my local pool. They have put me in the advanced group- when I booked them the guy said you need to be able to swim 300m which I can easily do but that does not seem very far for an advanced group. A little aprehensive now that I might have been a bit keen, ah well nothing I can do about it, will just have to see what happens when I get there. image

  • Purpletrilady wrote (see)

    Ridge - are you doing Outlaw as well as IMUK???

    Nope Outlaw for me this year, just as they are fairly close together thought a joint training thread where we can all compare efforts would be a good idea
  • Hmmmm. I'm sick of the turbo now. I can manage an hour, tops, before my brain turns to mush. Radio/music etc help pass the time, but I tend to drift off track a bit, so it's counterproductive.

    Running in the snow has been great - 35miles so far this week without any slips, but I'm really itching to get going on the bike now. Second swim of the year tonight. I hope  I can remember what to do.

    I suppose the other thing to do at the moment is plan some warmup events for this year. I've only got the Etape du Dales booked so far. Last year A Day in The Lakes was the perfect event, a HIM 5 weeks before IMUK and proper tough.

    Anyone else got more organised than me and booked a few tune-ups?

  • Back from my run and 10 miles completed (slowly)!   I'm really fed up on the turbo as well although cant claim to have been doing any great sessions - once I reach 1hr I find it really mentally tough

     Swimming is one of my big concerns (as well as the bike!) and I really will have to get down to the pool.  Not a very good pool near me as it does not devote much time to lane swimming.

    I have entered Bala as my main warmup event although have some Sportives such as Surry Rumble, Quattro(northants) and Evans Ride It Milton Keynes in mind.  I also have entered the Silverstone half marathon in March.  I have never biked more than 50 miles and then only done this distance twice!

  • My run up consists of

    Grizzly 7th March

    Snowdonia Mega training camp May bank holiday

    North Cornwall Tor -100 miler 16th May

    Bala 1/2 IMan 13th June

    Kernowman 3/4 I Man   17th July

    then nice gradual for Outlaw

  • I've only done a sprint tri so far so am pretty much a complete novice. 

    The bike is my big worry. I am very slow and not confident on the roads. I really need to get out on the roads as much as possible but of course thats not going to happen with this weather.

    Turbo again for me this weekend.image

    I'm doing the Dover and Tunbridge Well 1/2 Marathon; Kent Castles ride and Bala.

  • PTL  do not sweat the bike yet plenty of time and your bike handling will come on leaps and bounds the more time you put in Turbo or MTB until the weather clears its not worth a busted collar bone before we even start
  • Jenny50Jenny50 ✭✭✭

    Back from my first swim since the disastrous swim in the August Tri. It wasn't too bad and I managed an hour. But I am now frustrated as I really DO need guidance regarding technique. I read and look at films but nothing can replace someone actually being there with you.  Off now to sort out some lessons.

     PurpleTri - I cycle  daily to and from work but simply wouldn't entertain it on these treacherous roads so don't worry.  Its frustrating I know.  I have to make do with the gym bike which is far from perfect but better than nothing I guess. 

    I'm doing the Roding Valley Half Marathon at end of Feb and -  *whispers*----the London Marathon in April. Please don't have a go at me all you experts who say you shouldn't do a marathon before IM . I got a place in the ballot and really do want to do it!    I will be sensible image

  • Jenny50Jenny50 ✭✭✭

    .....I have finally, at long last, just booked a course of 8 lessons with swim4tri in London. To start Saturday 16th Jan  You know, I can't wait.  Should have done this long ago but better late than never image

  • Ladyfe

    Enjoy Londonimage no probs IMHO with doing a marathon in the same year as an IM I have done it just do not do specific marathon training your IM training will see you through, specific marathon training will eat into your bike training to much

  • ladyfe - well done on booking the lessons, I am sure it will make a huge differenceimage

    I did a 2.4K swim tonight, back on the turbo tomorrow

  • 45 mins medium effort on turbo Arcade Fire Funeral on the CD, 30 mins weight strenght session and a nice snowy hours dog walk
  • Jenny50Jenny50 ✭✭✭

      A very slow 1 and half mile walk / totter to the gym which involved a very embarassing slip on the icy pavement image. About 7 miles on the treadmill followed by 10 mins gentle spin on the bike. My nose is absolutely streaming which I'm hoping is due to chlorine effect from yesterdays swim and not a cold. I felt really dehydrated on the treadmill which is highly unusual for me and gulped down water like it was going out of fashion. Tomorrow was planning a bike session in gym followed by a swim.  Can't wait for some proper fresh air training image

    Left gym to be greeted by blizzard like conditionsimage.

    Purpletri - I am now very achy after yesterdays swim- muscles definitely protesting. 2.5 K is not really in my league at the mo......

    Ridgeback - snowy walk sounds nice........mine was a teeter on compacted ice! 

  • Ladyfe - I suffer really badly from the pool - streaming nose, sore throat etc. I have to use a nose clip now, its the only thing that stops it....but I do feel a /forum/smilies/tongue_out_smiley.gif[/img][email protected]][email protected] image

    i did plan on going on my turbo this afternoon but I've had a bad cough and my chest really hurt when I started cycling so I gave up after 15 mins, came inside and slept for 3 hrs!!! I must have needed it.

    so 2hrs turbo planned tomorrow and maybe a run in the evening if the Gym is open.

    Did manage a gym session this morning so don't feel too bad

  • not sure what happened to the word prat! its become a linky thing ?
  • Jenny50Jenny50 ✭✭✭

    Purpletri -  I'm going to have to try out some things if this IS due to the chlorine. Its going to be a right pain otherwise  I was tending to get like this last year after a swim - and felt really flu-ey the day after.  I haven't stopped sneezing today!  I'm sure I look like a pr*t anyway when I swim so I'm sure nose-clippy things won't make that much differenceimage

    Sounds like you needed your nice snooze!

  • 3km swim this morning, then a couple of hours at the local (indoor!) climbing centre with my son. My arms feel like anvils now.

    Purpletri - 2 hours on the turbo! Respect!

    Tomorrow is long run day, so i'm going to run in the Peaks come what may. I'm hoping a Saturday of walkers will have trodden down some paths for me. I'll probably turbo in the evening.

    LF - I can't cope with chlorine these days either. A nose clip definitely helps, as does getting outside asap and clearing my nose with fresh air. Where possible I bike the 30mins to our local pool - the return journey definitely helps clear the passages. Perhaps not at the mo though!

  • Did a 1hr 10mins on the turbo this morning and then down to the gym this afternoon and did 1hr on the gym bike and a 15 min jog.  Had to do it this way due to visitors.  Legs are feeling it a bit though!

    Must remember that there is a long way to go yet and to keep things steady. I am aiming for consistency at the moment and hope to try and fit the training around my lifestyle and children as best as possible!  Bolton seems a long way off at the moment

  • there seems to be a lot of volme going into training at the moment. newbies remember its base building at the moment 2.5K swims and 2 hour turbos seem a bit excessive IMHO it is a long way to August you risk injury and more importantly burnout if you do to much you should just be getting your body used to training aerobically twice a day at the mo, if this is teaching granny to suck eggs i apologiseimage

    hours turbo for me and an easy run with the dogs this  evening

  • Ridgebackmax- you raise a point which has been bothering me.  The fact is, i have never done anything like the challenge of an Ironman and have only ever done one marathon which happened to be the North Pole one in 2006 (8 hour finish time!)  But for the last season i have slowly been building up my strenght and endurance through doing two sprints and an olympic distance tri.  None of my times were great and to be honest i know that I am never going to set the world alight  but i have been trying to train consistently and build training into my normal life routine. (two young children to put a spanner in the works!!)  My season culminated in the Ballbuster duathlon in November which to be honest was a huge challenge for me and one which i was very proud to achieve- albeit in over 4 hours.  But having built up to this level of training and I suppose fitness I am reluctant to reduce my training to fit in with the base type raining which forms the Fink plan.  Dont get me wrong i am being careful not to push myself and all my present training is what i think of as steady (I dont use a heart rate monitor) but I feel 'on a roll' at the moment and dont want to give it up!  However i very much take your point about burnout as I've already had an episode a few weeks ago where I felt mentally drained and stopped for 3 days. 

    So, I'm left with a dilemma.  Do I actually reduce my training which I have fought to get to it's present level or do i risk burnout with my goal of Ironman so far ahead?  Can I just try and stick to my present level which equals about 7-8hrs a week until the Fink plan catches up with me?   Help!!!!

  • Slim - I'm in exactly the same position.

     I did my first sprint last September and since then have gradually built up my training to 7/8 hrs per week. I am happy doing that amount.

    I love swimming and don't find swimming for an hour a strain on my body.

    I have been through stages of burnout but I just usually stop for a couple of days and then I feel fine. For me fink just does not give me enough training at this stage. I am very slow at cycling and running so everything takes me much longer. I am keeping my running to only two sessions per week to avoid injury.

    Ridge - do appreciate your advice and certainly can't teach me to suck eggs! I have got a mentor who is similar ability to me and her training at this point was at similar level.

    I would be really reluctant to reduce the number of hours of training at the mo - it feels right for me.

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