The big fat diet show

I didn't expect much, but TBH, most of the program was really, really bad.

They took a group of women (because its ONLY women who are overweight isn't it image), none of whom were what I'd deem as in need of losing much / any weight.

They cut them down to 1200cals a day, and suggested others do the same, without no mention of speaking to a GP before doing so, no mention of excercise, no mention of a healthy balanced diets, all they did was demonize lots of foods because of their cal content, and no mention of proteins, fats, carbs etc etc.

At the end of 4 days, they weighted the women, most of them had lost a few pounds, but one poor girl had put on 2lb, she was balling, but there was no mention of why this can happen, and they just totally glossed over it.

All in all, a pretty disgusting piece of TV.


  • I watched about 10 mins of it, when they were showing food in 100 calorie bags.  I thought that was quite good way to show just how fattening some foods could be.  However I found it pretty boring and turned off.

    What I really really didn't like was the 2 week, 1200 calorie a day diet.  Utter bollocks.  Yes, you'll lose week for 2 weeks then pile it back on when you go back to normal!!  Grr, maybe that was just a starter to the program and they'll talk more later about lifestyle changes to food and exercise?  Well, one would  hope ....

  • PinguPongu wrote (see)

    What I really really didn't like was the 2 week, 1200 calorie a day diet.  Utter bollocks.  Yes, you'll lose week for 2 weeks then pile it back on when you go back to normal!!  Grr, maybe that was just a starter to the program and they'll talk more later about lifestyle changes to food and exercise?  Well, one would  hope ....

    Yup, and they wonder why people yo-yo, I really felt for that poor girl who put 2lb on though.
  • there is another show advertised where they have a family and a bloke getting them to change.............sounded good but in the advert they had the woman on  atreadmill and the little boy making derrogatory comments to her...........

    I cannot see how encouraging a kid to shout abuse at a parent can help in anyway.............most big people suffer from low esteem and encouraging kids to have a go isn't going to help........

    I also hate hearing any kids talk to an adult like that and should't be encouraged on tv.........

    its ok for a personal trainer to shout at you to keep going and not to wimp out but not kids

  • Yep saw that one Danowat.

    The bit I found interesting was the 100 calorie supermarket. Like PinguPongu said.

    And yes I was gutted for the girl who was crying at her 2lb gain.

    Do you really think they didn't need to lose weight though Dan?

  • I didn't watch the programme as those sort of diet shows really annoy me and have me shouting at the TV.

    But the presenter woman (Anna Ryder?) has just been interviewed on BBC Breakfast - When they quizzed her about the danger of quite a large weight loss (6-7lb) over a very short period of time I was amazed at her response, along the lines of "of course its not dangerous".

    She said that "of course" this 1200cal diet was only meant to be undertaken for a 2 week period and they had apparently made that "very clear" in the programme - I'm rather doubting that was the case and, even so, seems to be a pretty irresponsible message to put accross.

    She said that "of course" you would then increase your calories again to a maintenance level, but didn't mention anything about this being covered in future episodes.

    All confirming why I just can't watch diet programmes like this! 

  • Yeah, I do, I mean some of them were 9 stone FFS!!!!

    None of them were what I state as "needing" to loose weight, as for wanting to loose weight to adhere to a stereotypical, media inspired image.........

    The program was irresponsable.

  • Again with the caveat that I didn't actually watch the programme, just the interview this morning... It seems the me that the whole premise of the programme is just wrong and irresponsible.

    The strapline was "Lose a dress size in 2 weeks"....... as in 'you've scoffed over christmas, put on a bit of weight, now here's a quick fix to lose some.... which you'll no doubt put on again when you return to eating normally.... but it's a good gimick for us to make a post-christmas tv programme'.

  • An irresponsable gimmick that goes NO way into helping the increasing obesity problem in this country, but infact compounds it.

    Feel so strongly about it, that I may even write a letter to C4!!!!

  • PinguPongu wrote (see)

    What I really really didn't like was the 2 week, 1200 calorie a day diet.  Utter bollocks.  Yes, you'll lose week for 2 weeks then pile it back on when you go back to normal!!  Grr, maybe that was just a starter to the program and they'll talk more later about lifestyle changes to food and exercise?  Well, one would  hope ....

    That's my problem with all diets - rather than talking about healthy lifestyle choices, people go on about 'quick fixes'. Of course the women will put the weight back on when they start eating normally. They're not being educated sufficiently about balanced diets and exercise.

    I also agree with danowat about the lack of information provided to the women about the importance of different food groups. This was demonstrated clearly when the women were doing their weekly shop in the 100-cal supermarket. One woman picked up a bottle of olive oil but then put it back when she realised she could have a glass of wine for the same amount of calories, stating that the olive oil would just be a 'waste' of calories.

  • I watched it and thought the best thing was the 100 calorie supermarket.  What amazed me were the adverts - Lighter Life and marshmallow squares, although we did get a Morrisons one with cheap offers on fruit and veg.  I also found it interesting about the special offers in supermarkets being mainly high fat, junk food options.

    Crash diets just don't work long term and I agree it would be much better to help people change their lives to include more exercise and a general healthier diet.  I know that Lighter Life works in that people lose the weight, but the two people who I know who have used it piled the weight back on in such a short period of time.  My sister has been overweight practically all her life and she knows what she should do, but can't do it consistently. 

  • DC my eldest sister also did lighter life - she went from a size 20 to a size 12 in a dramatically short period of time, then about 3 months afterwards went back to a size 18!!  I don't believe in any diet - especially one where you pretty much stop eating for periods of time.

    I didn't actually watch the programme last night - they had an article in one of the weekend papers about it last weekend and I knew it would irritate me!!

  • The diet plan is a joke... they should be concentrating on changing the people's life style / habits - not chosing a quick fix which may be picked up by people it's not designed for.  Anna Richardson is her name.

     The programme is described on the C4 website as 300 cals for breakfast, 400 for lunch, 500 for dinner... I'd die (actually if I had to restrict myself like that!

    The website has this disclaimer.....

     NB: The diet is designed to be followed for two weeks and is suitable for women who have a Body Mass Index over 25. The diet and may not be suitable for anyone who regularly consumes in excess of 2500-3000 calories a day. Women who are currently breastfeeding, pregnant, have any pre-existing medical conditions or have a large amount of weight to lose, should not take part in the diet unless their doctor confirms it is safe for them to do so. Always consult your Doctor if in any doubt about the suitability of the diet for you. This diet is not suitable for children.

    So guys - the diet is not suitable for you.  And anyone with a BMI under 25, its not suitable for either.  Or women who have a lot of weight to lose!! or for children.Or for those who regularly consume 2500-3000 cals a day! It probably rules out a lot of the population!

    I didn't get anything of that from watching the programme and am sure there will be some people out there now who will take on board the shows advice and start the 1200 cals a day for two weeks to see what happens - even though it is not meant for them!!!

     I'll stick to eating healthy-ish but eating 5-6 times a day, and exercising 5-6 days a week thank you very much...and maybe watch a bit of 'Fitness TV' instead of Channel 4 next time!! image

  • How depressing would that be...?  Losing all that weight - then piling it back on!!!  ARGGGG!!! nightmare!
  • I don't watch programmes like this, they irritate the crap out of me!


    I would say that if the participants were not very overweight (as Danowat says), and had put on a few pounds over Christmas because they ate WAAAY more than normal. then cutting back to 1200 cals a day for a couple of weeks until the extra has gone doesn't seem unreasonable.

    If their diet BEFORE Christmas wasn't so bad, and they were not much overweight, then returning to their usual diet will leave them at their maintenance level?

    THis is basically what I'm doing - I usually eat healthily, but over Chrimbo have gained five (eek!) pounds through eating loads of chocolate, drinking even more than normal, etc.

    I shall be cutting back hard until that weight is gone, then I'll resume my normal, pre-Christmas sensible diet, which should leave me at my normal weight.

  • IMO, this is the best statement to make for someone thinking of dieting.

    "Never make any change to your diet that you cannot, or will not, be able to maintain for the rest of your life".

    Diets are (IMO) evil, I have a massive problem with LL, WW and SW, they are ALL designed to make money, and IMO, most people who loose weight on them, pile it back on again.

    Interesting to see the disclaimers for that show are only on a website, and not actually shown in the program.

  • On the cover of a magazine this month there was a heading of  "Get a flat stomach like Cheryl Cole -  IN 2 DAYS!"

    Inside it waffled a bit about avoiding carbs.  Genius stuff. 

  • Thing is, it promotes an unhealth lifestyle, its ok to eat crap and lazy about because you can starve yourself for 2 weeks to loose any extra weight you put on.
  • That's what I believe my eldest sister's issue is - she'd rather starve herself to lose weight than exercise ... whereas I'd rather eat more but burn it off with exercise.  She talked about running once, but as it involved hard work she never really got round to starting!!  She's currently on that breakfast cereal diet (can't remember which one in particular) ... eat 30g cereal for two meals and have a low-cal meal and you'll be slim and sylph like for ever more!!!

    Yeah right!!

  • That'll  be the kelloggs special k diet!  I don't diet so I've never tried it...but its along the same premise as the big fat diet one....but you'll look like the lady in the red swimming costume if you do it apparently...!! image

     The dieter has a BMI of 25 or more, eats upwards of 2500 calories a day and does no exercise.  They cut their calorie intake to two bowls of cereal a day, plus a main meal... and unsurprisingly lose weight. 

     Gives short term loss and doesnt provide long term results!  Get her to put on a pair of trainers and walk / run her way to lose weight!  image

  • Lorn - I couldn't agree more.  I've really tried, I've done her beginners plans, offered to meet her and walk/run with ... but it all involves effort and that's where she's not so good!!

  • aw well -  never mind


  • The Guardian didn't think much of this programme either Dan


    Sounds like an awful programme 

  • Yup, agree with that, pretty good synopsis there.
  • did any one watch the biggest loser on t.v, now that was a proper diet show.

    they got these contestants gave them a proper diet and made them exercise every single day , and i mean exercise running, weights the lot. They showed them how to take the weight of and keep it of.

    No quick fixes just hard bloody work. There is no golden wand you have to work hard.

  • I love the Biggest Loser - very entertaining to see such amazing transformations, but it doesn't exactly promote a slow and sensible approach. The US version is on Sky at the moment - bigger and better than the UK version by far.

    One of the previous winners:

  • Even if you were to keep the weight off after a diet like that, an unexercised body is never going to be comparable to a fit one.
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