Running in the snow?



  • dont finish work till 6pm each night and its pitch black up in the hill !!!!! really not looking forward to it

  • Didn't make it out in the snow - like Mrs Gump I am worried about getting injured as i need every day's training I can get.  And it's snowing hard outside.....maybe tomorrow morning if not too icy.

    I'm also going to be doing some jogging on the wii fit and a bit of boxing - better than nothing...

  • Did 3miles this morning and then 3 back this evening.

    Lots of fun, got a lot of comments on my way home tonight but mostly nice ones, and no snowballs thrown at me which was a surprise.

    Great as the snow cushions the impact!

     (oh yeah I wore tights without shorts over the top) image

  • I have run on snow in the past, around the perimeter of a golf course which totalled about 2 miles.  I'm not running in snow just now.  Gym for me unfortunately, safety first until the snow clears.
  • Due to run 6 miler at 6.30 tomorrow morning, but last time it snowed here in central London it was pretty slippy out and I ended up walking half of it. Stealing myself for the treadmill and being bored to death. Only hoping it's better for the long run at the weekend... You know when you're getting old when instead of being ridiculously excited by the snow it becomes a giant pain.
  • First proper snow run today...was debating whether or not to go for ages, but finally plucked up the courage to do it and was SO glad! image It was amazing; the snow was so soft, not slippy at all; just had to watch out when crossing roads and for cars taking pleasure in splashing me..! Was quite slow going but it was nice to feel under pressure time wise - I'm sure I got extra training from the snow anyway! The air was so lovely and cool and the pavements and fields were so clear as everyone was inside avoiding the cold!

    Very glad I got a run outside in today as tomorrow is bound to be an ice skating rink everywhere - off to the dreadmill for me...


    Snowballs thrown at me: one

    Half frozen hidden streams stepped in: one, 4 times!

    Runners seen: none

    "Are you crazy or plain insane"/ disbelieving faces: too many to count...

  • I went out for a run early this morning in the park near my flat... the snow was fresh, fluffy and ankle deep, and there was hardly anyone around so it was deathly quiet and still. Beautiful.

    As for clothing, I'm a total wuss when it comes to the cold - I wore running tights with joggers over the top, two long-sleeved tops and gloves!

  • + expect to have your leg in plaster as well? Our local hospital has had 25 runners in A & E since last night with falls in the snow and ice ...8 of those had fractures! Cant see why anyone would want to run in those conditions? God, a few days away from your training wont hurt anyone so just wait until the weather inproves
  • Did 5.5 miles this afternoon, stunning views of Devon around me, really hard work particually in virgin snow but its was a fantasic run. Tomorrow will probably be a non-starter once its iced up.
  • agree clif went for a run yesterday down on my arse like a sack of s**t give my knee a knock luckily i ran it off  but its stiff  cut and bruised today image
  • image Guys and girls avoid ice or very conpact snow that's almost ice. If you have to go alone the side of the road. Play safe out there.
  • In my earlier advice about running in the snow and keeping your feet dry I did forget to mention shoes so I will start again.

    A thin pair of socks, cover these with plastic bags, thin ones the kind of thing you put fruit and veg in.

    Another pair of socks on top of this.

    A pair of shoes, I prefer my fell shoes in the snow and ice and have had no problems.

    Happy running.

  • I've just done 16 miles over local footpaths/rights of way, mostly ok but its alot harder going than normal, and I landed on my arse royally on mile 14!
  • Hi folks,

    Finally got the courage to go out for a run (south west london). Wore my XT Wings trail shoes, pair of shorts, short sleeve top with a wind stopper jacket on top. It was a totally AWESOME run was very proud of myself image 

    Did a total of 10.5km in 54mins. 75% of my route was snow (1-2 inches) and ice. The rest was normal pavement. Had very few issues with slipping. Decided to leave my ipod at home so I could concentrate on where I was stepping!

    The ice was more 'crunchy' (like slush puppy image) than slippery which helped, it was only when crossing side road junctions where compacted ice from cars I took extra care. You can tell from the street lights where the black ice was as its more shiny and could easily dodged them.

    It was a fantastic run, jacket kept me cosy and warm......only been running for just over a year, loved it!

  • To get a grip on icy pavements, use ladies' tights OVER your tainers. Slip them over or wrap them around. Or a pair of socks used similarly will do a less good job. So get the scissors and raid the wife's drawers !!
  • Does anyone find that after you've been on a long run in these icy conditions, that you wake up with stiff ankles the next day? (I said ankles...)
  • been out a few times, as long as you avoid the icey patches where all the snow has been compressed and turned into a sheet of ice, your fine.

     just managed to convince my dad to come out and do a run this afternoon. cant wait

  • Why is it you run slower in the snow even when its not slippy i was 10 minutes slower over 10k then usual and i ran on the snowy roads rather then the icy roads most of the way?
  • Megaskud, I have the same thing ankles wise. I run fine on snow and ice, and have been the whole time but I find it does give my ankles a work out. It might be the little slips that happen when pushing off that over extend a little bit. Maybe its just being a bit more tense and trying not to slip. I find I concentrate much more on where my feet are going and as a result have much better form when on ice!

    UFO - good tip with the tights. Will try that actually...

  • the other end of the tights can be pulled over your head then no one wil recognise you
  • EH trust youimage

    I'm going to try the tights idea (not over my head).  Going for a run with Shelly on Sunday and buying a pair of fell shoes tomorrow. Ok I'll rephrase that:

    I'm going to buy a pair of fell shoes tomorrow with a view to going for a run with shelly on Sunday.  I'll try the tights thing just as an extra precaution.  Now the thing is what colour should I go for? Or should I try the lacy ones?image

  • I'm too bloody old to be getting into tights. Anyhow in this weather ther is nothing to show for it.
  • I'm saying nowt.

  • OO haven't had the courage to run in the snow yet..missing running soooo much.  Have only seen about 1 runner ourtall week.  Gona try venture out in the light tomo.....will be interesting i'm sure!! image
  •  bee!n there and tried it and decided the treadmill is the safest option !! it is nice when the snow has just fallen , but when there are icy patches it is just too dangerous!!! if people are walking are going arse over tit what chance do us runners have!!! I  would sooner brave the dreadmill and be injury free than have my leg in traction!!
  • just get a pair of these bad boys they are doing me a great job even on ice i got em from

  • They're out of stock, as are yaktraximage
  •  well joe carter they are a great idea!!! even if they do resemble something from a torture chamber!!!
  • I haven't been risking running, but I've been out walking.  Figured best to be doing something rather than sitting indoors doing nothing (like I am now! image)...  Getting to the gym would be great, but watched my neighbour trying to get his car (same model as mine) out of our car park area unsuccessfully, sliding sideways, and decided to leave my car alone under its snow cap!  There's a wall behind, & another car right next to it, so any sliding will be likely to result in a lot more grief than another day of relying on feet or buses.
  • I love snow running its magicimage. I wear my adidas kanadias, they have been brilliant. Problem is here in Cornwall there is more ice than snow so having to be very careful, hills are lethal,  and much slower than my garmin would like! Beach is good, frozen wet sand is a bit like a running track. Supposed to be doing a 20 mile easy tomorrow am, (my marathon is on March 7th) so i'm on mapometer trying to find a flattish route that might have been gritted! Dont fancy off road in the dark! The nice thing is there is virtually no traffic here early morning, nobody is risking driving on our untreated roads. I like the snow but i'm looking forward to a thaw so i get back on my bike, i just dont dare cycle in this! Cant use our local leisure centre for swim or gym, its been shut cos half the staff couldnt get inimage!

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