Running in the snow?



  • Did it!  Only manged 4 miles round my local park...but fantastic!!  And was soo very close to giving in to the dreaded treadmill!!  Will attempt a longer off-road run tomo!! image
  • I've been out in my Innov8 Mudclaws with ice grippers attached! Did 5.5 miles yesterday and it felt like 10!!! Think I was the only one not slipping, we've had 8" here and everyone seems to think I am mad! Never had to dodge so many pedestrians before image I've been wearing sealskinz too as my feet would've got wet otherwise image

     I've done around 30 miles since the snow came, my feet are my only way to get around as I live on a steep hill and can't get my car out! Although I am off to try and get my mountain bike roadworthy in a min!

  • can you get snow chains for a bike then?image!!!!
  • surfcat wrote (see)
    can you get snow chains for a bike then?image!!!!
    no I actually ran the 3 miles to my parents house in 32 min picked up my bike to ride home and it took 48 min image Think maybe I'll have to stick to foot power until the roads are clearer!
  • Is it natural to be slower in these conditions?
  • its alot harder in loose snow not so bad on the compact stuff! It's very hilly here too!
  • Yeah its very difficult to run at your normal pace in snow without breaking your neck! I've just backed right off the pace so that i can get some training done without risking injury thus defeating the point of training.

    Must admit quite good fun in the snow tho image

  • don't know about defeating the object, if you run through the deep slushy/ powdery stuff its quite hard going on your legs!!!
  • Did 8 miles today mostly on the beach where no snow/ice. My legs ache more than normal! Good stamina trainging with a strong NE wind ( on the east coast.

  • Slower runs help to build strength in your legs.  It's good to slow down sometimes. Mind you in my case it would be helpful if I could speed up sometimesimage
  • Just got back from 8 miles. Found the going very hard when on the paths, Managed to do about 6 miles on the roads which were a lot easier but had to keep stopping to let the traffic past.

    Still, its good to get out and about. Was getting some funny looks though image

  • Oooohhh another snow thread!  Great!  I've been out a few times to run in snow and it was very good fun.  MInd you I had my trail shoes on and I am running slower and not so far.  But I suppose you have to take what conditions you get.  Fab cross country run last night with head torch on, so quiet!

    Hey Katb, how you doing?

  • Hi there, Shelscrape.  I'm very well thanks.  You seem to be doing well.  Cross Country eh?How are you getting on at the club you joined?
  • we had about 8" here but there's slightly less a few miles away! Think we're due some more tomight and tomorrow though. I've just been doing circuits close to the house which get boring but I didn't want to run too far away in case the weather worsened or I injure myself and freeze image
  • Did 13miles today some off road which was hard going ,one thing that made me smile was when running on a road past a bus stop this youth just looked at me and said you must be mad mate to which i just said yes image
  • ive been running faster times on my circuit that i do. think its because im trying to get warmer, hehe.

     i dont actually want to go quicker, trying to stay within my zones.

  • Got 18 miles planned tomorrow in the snow in the south east! Bit nervous about it. Gonna do it in 2 loops just in case it all goes wrong. Nice to read others have been out though, helps the confidence!
  • Let us know how it goes ! Anyone watch the Great Edinburgh International Cross Country womens run? Great stuff !

    LadyBee wrote (see)
    Got 18 miles planned tomorrow in the snow in the south east! Bit nervous about it. Gonna do it in 2 loops just in case it all goes wrong. Nice to read others have been out though, helps the confidence!
  • Running on virgin snow in the fields near me is like heaven - so peaceful and almost spooky! We so rarely get weather like this that I'm determined to enjoy it! Dint gave trail shoes though, so my current ones are getting a battering and I'm getting wet feet.... image
    It's like running on sand at times - a great strength workout, and fad better than being stuck on the treadmill being force fed 'The Hits' again!

    Been looking at those clip on spikes - are they comfortable to run in ? I can't help thinking they would make your feet uneven and cause alsorts if pain / blisters on the soles of your feet? Anyone tried them?
  • LadyBee,

     I'm about to head out for my second 18+ miler in this year's snow. Just take it steady and remember to take lots of fluids/isotonic gels - you dehydrate quickly in this weather.

     Don't worry about a target pace/time and enjoy it!

  • Although a few days ago I did go running in this snow I went again yesterday and it didn't go well at all. The snow has compacted pretty well in most places but their are a lot of areas which won't go amiss on a ice rink!
    Was meant to do 4 miles but after only a mile I managed to lose my footing 3 times (although I didn't fall on my arse!). I wouldn't risk it again in these conditions with normal shoes.
  • We have had snow and ice on the ground here for a whole month,no days with no ice on paths.

    Can't run on roads as the snow ploughs have chucked snow onto verges and its like running in the middle of the road as no kerbs.

    The ice underneath is hazardous and working in an emergency department that had had record admissions with trauma patients I am not risking 6wks in plaster and a DVT for a run .I am demented by not running so I have gone spinning for an hour to vent of my pent up fustration,

  • Am too demented by not running! Just started Marathon training about 10 days ago and the whole thing has gone belly up. I live in Brighton and the pavements are just soo icy. Can't decide whether to brave it or not. Husband says better not to risk injury and wait for the thaw (but, hey he's not a runner and doesn't really understand.....). Apparently another 20cm expected tonight also!! Anyone else from Brighton out there?

  • Camilla, hey, im not from Brighton but a friend is who is training for a marathon also. Where she lives she says its pretty much suicide to run without spikes; although she does like to exaggerate things sometimes (fingers crossed she doesnt go on this forum!). I would say it's better to just wait rather than to risk a sprained ankle or something.

    If your getting another 20cm though maybe you should try tomorrow with the fresh snow covering the ice. Just try a short run round the estate or something to test your footing before going for a proper run.

  • Well, I am now officially bored of the snow.

    Been lucky so far with the snow compacted down, forming a hard, solid, grippy surface where I live.  However, I notice that "the thaw" has started (its gone above freezing for the 1st time).  Which sounds good, but of course this is the end of the solid snow and the begining of the ice as the melted snow refreezes overnight.

    Still, there is hope, I am being sent away with work next week.  Anyone in Exeter and know what the conditions are like there?

  • Reckon you could be right. Had thought that probably running in fresh snow probably better even if it's just a short one. It's just so frustrating as am panicking about my fitness as also have a half (Sussex Beacon) on Feb 21st. Getting the long runs in just seems impossible at the moment....

    Managed to get to Boxercise yesterday - just had to do SOMETHING!!!!

  • Just did a 12 miler and it took me 25 minutes longer then usual and i was slipping and sliding all over which didnt make it much fun at all, in the same boat as many others training for a marathon and training is going bellyup.
  • bought myself a pair of trail shoes yesterday, and went out for an easy 10-miler down the canal here along to a local country park

    absolutely LOVED it! - can't believe i waited this long to get myself out there in the snow - i wasn't going to chance it until i had something better to wear than my road shoes and these trail shoes are fantastic

    bring on more snow so i can go out in it again image

  • been out for 12.5 today wanted to do 15 but really couldn't face the last couple of miles! It's started to thaw here and the nice compacted snow that I had before has gone in many places instead is loose, deep slush! Was like running through soft sand legs all over the place! image
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