Running in the snow?



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  • Double post...from ages ago, sorry
  • hurray i did 20 miles this morning in 2:45, on deserted gritted icefree road! first proper run i've managed for ages image, mind you we have three severe weather warnings for heavy snow this weekimage so unless the thaw wins i dont know when the next one will be!
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    touie - did you use your Magic Spikers?

    yes they're only good on ice and compact snow. Not the deep powdery slushy stuff that moves when you tread on it. was

    Was doing really well with them until it started to thaw!

  • FANTASTIC 12 mile run in the snow today...loved it!!!  Hope all this snow and ice goes however before next sunday's Dartford 10 miler.
  • All these double figure runs, I only did 3 miles, was -10 though and bits were starting to fall off!
  • i think 3 miles in -10 is quite long enough, it hurts to breathe when its that cold! what did you wear? i only ask cos i find it quite hard to judge when its cold, as i always seem to get too hot, but feel i ought to have something sensible on just in case i hurt myself and cant run home!image
  • Windproof top and trousers, long sleeve t-shirt, thin gloves and some hillwalking socks. I usually get too hot aswell, but not today!
  • I've been out running 5 times in the snow/ice now and thought nothing of it really. Did an 11 miler, 1 x 6miles and 3 x 5 miles over the last week or so but yesterday while running and quite a bit of sliding felt a niggle on my ankle (achilles I think) so thought better of it today and have been RICEing it!! image Gutted I missed todays 10 miler but rest is better I think and by Tuesday (my next scheduled run day) I hope to be fine!! Then a steady taper anyway for the 4 village half next Sunday!! image

    So just a warning people, please take it easy!! image

  • I can't beleive what people wear and claim to be hot!

    Today, being a long slow run, I had trail shoes, walking socks, tracksters, 4 top layers (one short sleeve, 3 long sleeve), 2 pairs of gloves and wooly hat.

    I was pleasantly warm, but no more.

  • oh,I am afraid It will be too cold.I 'd rather stay at home,image


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  • image It rained last night and then snowed so chuffing ice layer everywhere. Going to have to leave it today and hope we ever get a good foot or it all melts. image
  • Just been out for 6.5miles. Its starting to get a little slushy here (Ipswich), and I found it much harder to run on than the fresher snow. Much slippier and I had to take it about 30s per mile slower. Still beats the treadmill though!
  • Well I managed to get out, did 15 miles  - 3 short of the target 18 but it was bloody hard work! Slushy snow is a lot harder to run in than the fresh stuff.  I think much of country is thawing now anyway - we in the south east are? Roll on the spring!
  • Its got to the point now where its just cold, wet and slushy - and I want it gone! It was nice in the fresh stuff, but its nasty now. image
  • Went for a run today. Had everything from fresh snow to bare earth, very wet and soggy bare earth I admit, slush, ice and compacted snow. 10 miles, fingers numb and body boiling - only 2 layers. I wore long tights which I don't normally but they double up as cycling tights which is how I get about.

    I still want summer but I do like the cold air.

  • I sometimes dont think im working hard enough because im 10-15 minutes slower then usual, Yet i have more aches and pains then usual.
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  • Only had half hr to spare went out for a short run - two layers and temp was fine - but found myself running on the road to avoid slushy paths - good fun though
  • Im doing the London marathon and training is going well. Upto 12 mile runs on a sunday as of last week. I started in December to get an extra month of training in due to knee ACL reconstruction 9 months ago.

    Thing is I live amongst the hills and theres nowhere flat at all to run near me and I've a bloody stupid bug thats going round, nose is like a tap. Ive bought some running gloves wih the intention of doing at least 10 miles tommorow but don't know if its best to rest instead and not risk slipping/damaging the knee and the stupid bug I have had since Wednesday.

    I could maybe do a long run Monday by getting a lift to where I usually go running but drive there, the cars stuck in the snow at the moment.

    Not sure what to do.

  • Mark, sounds as though you should rest, given that you've got the bug as well on top of everything else. There's no point getting out there just so you can tell yourself you're on schedule if it's going to make things worse.

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