Help, London runners quick feedback required

Hi people, plan says run 14 miles tonight, normally done by eun home, just need some feedback on the state of the roads/paths/cycleways in the following areas...
Thames path/embankment
battersea park
clapham common
wandesworth common

Any feedback at all?!?!?


  • Sorry - not in the area - but take money and an extra layer for the tube and if it does turn out dodgy - just use that instead ?
  • Thanks, that may be the plan but I don't live that near the tube, all overland trains.... which I've just heard are up the spout again!....
  • Aaaaah - b*gger !!

    Good luck !!

    May be worth checking out the commuting section on Bikeradar forums - a lot of riders use the embankment so they may have an idea of the pavement conditions out that away ?
  • where would we be without the internet heh?

  • out training ?   image
  • Decided to risk it...
  • So an update for those interested as of 8 pm last night...
    Farringdon - clear
    Thames path/embankment- generally clear a few icy patches
    battersea park - went round outside, icy paths, ran on road
    clapham common - went down to the junction via queenstown road and lavender hill, icy in parts, ran on road.
    balham - on train, no info
    wandesworth common - on train, no info
    tooting - on train, no info
    mitcham - on train, no info
    hackbridge - on train, no info
    beddington... From east Croydon very icy once out of town center

    that's all I know, feel free to fill in missing areas if you know...

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