there's snow pain like groin strain

Can anyone help again , i'm just coming back from shin splints in my right leg ,did acouple of steady runs with no real discomfort. However today walking the dog [ wich i've been doing a lot of lately] i slipped very slightly in the snow and felt a tweak at the inside of my thigh on my right leg ,turns out having been on various injury websites that i have a groin strain [adducter longus] i think . They all recomend two weeks no running [shock] .Can anyone tell me what if any cross training i can do.                                           thanks . ONE FRUSTRATED RUNNER


  • Try some front crawl or back crawl swimming instead??  non weigth bearing, but will keep up fitness??
  • Thanks Lorn , I take it any gym work is out the question then.Front crawl is my weekest stroke these days due to dislocating my collar bone a few years ago in a cycling accident.
  • I get them every so often too, & it always tends to be on my left, invariably it goes away if I just ride instead of running for a couple of days.

    Curiously, I don't get them when I'm running with the bike on my shoulder during a Cyclo-Cross, nor when running 'XC', just 'on the road'image

  • Thanks  for that richard   I went out on my bike yesterday did about 20 miles nice and steady feel ok today so I think i'll just stick to that for a while.
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