100 mile training plans


I've been researching 100 mile training plans and wondered if anyone has come across plans/schedules that have worked well? 

Many Thanks!


  • I dont use a training plan as such, but it has put me in a relatively good position to at least complete 100 milers. (Not fast -20hours) but getting there...

    Sat and Sun long runs... i like back to back marathons
    Mon is an optional rest day if you need it.
    Tuesday is 10k at 21k race pace. More if you are feeling strong.
    Wed is roughly 20k
    Thurs about 15k also working hard on the pace. (I normally break this up into a 2 runs)
    Fri is just as for Mon.

    That gives a minimum of 125k per week, with any extra kms as a bonus.

    Again, its not science, but it works well for me.

    The when I get a chance to run multiple marathons in short succession, I always take it. For example at the end of Jan, Ill be doing 4 marathons in a weekend (Sat am, Sat pm and Sun am). Then of you do an 80/100km race, the next weekend it is great to go out for a 50/60 km training run by yourself. This isnt as much for the physical fitness as it is for the mental toughening. It takes more of a strong head than a strong body to run a 100 miles in my opinion.

    Every couple of weeks run a hard 5k as a speed tester.

    The "speed" work in time trials and on a Tuesday and Thursday make sure that you dont lose anything when you plod out the miles, and I actually find that all together it has steadily been making me faster over the past 2 years.

    I am still a newbie to 100 milers in South African terms and am on 9 so far, but this sort of training plan has come about from 3 running buddies that have well over 100 x 100 milers between them.

    I believe that the key is listening to your body and most importantly learning the difference between "too tired to run", and "too tired to want to run". Obviously injuries and the like are a completely different story. Rather start unfit but uninjured, than very fit with niggles.

    When is the big day?
    Good luck!

  • Stuart,

    Thankyou so much for your advice - ive been trying to put together info from various different locations and it sounds like your training has come from tried and tested methods - perfect!

    Big day is end of July across the Lake District!

    9 100 milers surely marks you as a well acomplished ultra athlete?!! Which must mean that the 3 buddies combining 100 100's are maybe just a little nuts?!!

    Many thanks again, this is my first, so hopefully all will go to plan!

  • I have entered this race and am a newbie too so am interested in your experience. I have entered the Wye Ultra in March, the Malvern Ultra 50 in may and intend to do the Beacons Traverse and Round Gower as training weekends. Give me a shout if you fancy joining in. I'm based in South Wales
  • The climbing is the big killer with the Lakeland 100.

     Make sure you get used to climbing / descending

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭
    Melv - Have a look through these - Ultra Marathon Running
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