Anti Inflammitory Injections

Hello, after many months of chronic inflamation to the hip bursa, undertaking conservative treatments by physio, including RICE, NSAIDS, Ultrasound, Massage, Stretching, Orthotics etc I am about to throw the last dice so to speak!

Can anyone advise where you can get privately paid for anti inflammitory injections? Although I can travel, I am based in the North East England.




  • Why would you need to pay? If its clinically going to be off benefit, your current practioner should either offer it or refer you to someone who can do it.

    I had a Steroid injection in my knee for bursitis a few weeks ago which after 5 months out after the initial  injury and various treatments has done the trick.

    Hope you get your hip sorted but be careful of the bloke on the corner offering you an injection for cash imageimage

  • Hello beebs thanks for reply, much appreciated.  All comes down to time, time it takes GP to get it sorted! Way too long, as in weeks/months.  So hence get it sorted reasonably quickly.

    Pleased it worked for you.  Thanks again for reply.


  • How I hope someone can answer your question!! I have the same problem as you and am wallowing in self-pity and misery....

    I had bursitis of the Greater Trochanter a couple of yours ago and after battling with it for months finally got a jab. My regular GP wouldn't refer me saying I was "too young" to start having cortisone injections (I was 26), then one day I went to see him again and it was a locum who did it there and then.

    My new GP (I have moved house) advised I go away and pop Ibuprofen for a few weeks to "see what happens". I would willing pay to get running again...

    My only advice would be to ring around private hospitals/sports clinics (BUPA?) and, if at all possible, have the direction done using ultrasound to make sure they nail it first time. Be aware that some people suffer from "steroidal flare" which can be painful.

     Best of luck and keep us (ME!) informed if you find somewhere.


  • Iain,

     A search on google found the following:

    £308 for an ultrasound/Xray guided injection (I am assuming this includes the steroid). If you find cheaper let me know.


  • Hi geepee, many thanks indeed, I really struggled to find anything on the web for where to go.  Much appreciated, Yes Ill keep looking and keep you informed, but many thanks again.


  • You may have thanked me too soon - It appears they may only do it at Barbican, London.....might be worth a call still anyway.

    May be worth contacting Nuffieldhealth also.

    Good luck!

  • Think they do it at Carnegie Injury Clinic in Leeds.
  • Ah, thanks for that Missy D.  I will look them up.


  • Not sure about Carnegie - I go there and they advised me to see my GP for a cortisone injection.  Worth an ask though.  Good luck!

  • Ok Dippycat.  I will call them in any case.  Thanks for the posting


  • Yh I wasn't sure about Carnegie I went there a year ago. I was already awaiting one from my GP, but I seem to remember my physio saying he could send me to someone they worked with for one.


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