Hanley Building Society Potters Arf Marathon

This is the best half marathon I've done, the launch is a week tomorrow (16th January) at the Potteries centre and when I registered at last years launch, I only had to pay £7.50 to enter! Plus I got a goodie bag! Yippee! I don't know whether there'll be a discount for the first 100 or so at the launch this time but I'll be there just in case haha : )

How about everyone else? Anyone up for it? Have you run it before? What's your favourite memory?



  • I'm up for this, just hope I can get round as only up to half that distance so far.
  • You'll make it round mate, the people of Stoke are amazing on this run, all the way round they're spraying  you with water and stuffing sweets into your mouth, it's crazy! The stokies are what really make this race!
  • I'm going to pop over and register too. Once I am registered then it wil give a me a focus to train towards as up to yet my longest race has been 10k. 

     I know I am not fast but will just aim to complete the distance and of course get a PB! Hope it's not too hot on the day and that I can manage those hills.


  • I loved loved loved this race last year - it's REALLY tough, but it's such an amazing atmosphere  - can't wait to tackle them hills again - only got a plate last year, am going for a bronze medal this time round!
  • Nasty hills but great support!


  • Like to try this one.. What's this race like? Is it a tough one? How many hills?
  • Im going to entry this tonight when i get home!

    Am i right in thinking it finishes outside Stoke city FC?

    Also how does it compare to the Great North Run with regarding how hard?

  • I have now entered this HM.

    Any one else doing it? any one done it in the passed tell me anything about it? I now kno where it finishes ans i also kno there is a few hills...but how hard is it really?  Any one?

  • Think i might have a pop at this one although it means playing truant from marshalling my club's 10k which is on the same day. Fond memories of working in stoke .....specially Wrights pies....
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    last year it started and finished in Hanley centre I did it in 2009 but be warned there is a killer of a hiller between mile 11 and 12 it is a great race
  • I've just signed up for this one.

    I completed my first half marathon at Stratford yesterday and found the last 3 miles very tough and I'm expecting this one to be a good deal harder, far more hills and potentially hotter.

    Also means I'm going to have to lay off the booze through England's first World Cup match image

    As an ex-Stokie though I grew up through the Potteries Marathon being very popular so feel I need to give my support to the event

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    did it last year and it is a great race will miss it this time as on holiday but doing Eyam half next month
  • got my race number and chip through the post today...........I ran last night for the first time in nearly two weeks as i have got 'Runners Knee' at the very early stage image  I have also got the manchester 10k to do in just over a week, im just hoping to muddle through until the 10k and then see what happens on the manchester 10k..............As long as i run the whole (i no its only 10k) manchester run with out having to stop because of my 'knee' i will still do the HM or for the first time EVER i will pull out before it even starts.
  • Forgot to say, i have booked into see a physio for monday........anything to help!
  • [quote]last year it started and finished in Hanley centre I did it in 2009 but be warned there is a killer of a hiller between mile 11 and 12 it is a great race[/quote]

    Nothing the installation of a venicular (sp?) railway wouldn't sort out! image
  • I'm originally from Stoke and in fact went to college in Hanley, though it's changed a lot from what I remember.  I did the very first Potters 'Arf and can confirm that it's well supported, though there are a few tough hills - probably tougher than the GNR if I think about it (someone asked that above), but then you won't have all the crap that goes with the GNR either!  Best bit was the fast finish in the City centre, I can remember my little lads cheering me as I ran in!

  • The race has 2 hills that are pretty tough,one at mile 4ish (Anchor Road) which is a fair old climb, and then a shorter but very much a steeper one at mile 11ish (Milton Road) so save some energy in your legs for that one! There are a few other inclines throughout the race but all in all there are good stretches of flat to give you chance to catch your breath!

     This was my first half and first race back in 2008 and it got me hooked on running, started seriously in 2009 and this will now be my third, it really is a brilliant race, the marshalls are great, the atmosphere is fantastic and the great people of the Potteries and their support is the best that I have ever seen at any race bar none.

     The best advice I can give anyone new to the race is take your time until after you hit the hill around mile 4, then it's fairly flat after that so you can up your pace! Plenty of water stations too which is good and it's botled water too not in cups which is a bonus.

     Good luck to everyone running on the day!

  • Good information Craig, thank you
  • Got my number yesterday, love this race tough but it has great support plus I run past my work place.
  • Great info and advice Craig image
  • I'm going to enter this one. image I like the fact they give gold, silver & bronze medals to those under 2 hrs, & "special" medals to those over 2 hrs. I'm def speshul then.....image
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    there is a steep hill just after mile 11 and it is a killer
  • I've checked the medal times and it's 1:45 for a silver, I managed 1:44:53 (chip time) at Stratford but it probably goes on gun time.

    Regardless I'm going to have to bust a gut for a silver with the hills and try to get fairly near the front for the start image

    Other medals are 1:30 Gold, 2:00 Bronze

  • Hi all

    Got my number through, i have never been a runner and only started my training about 6 weeks ago and have been running 3 to 4 times a week, the farthest I have been is 9.5 miles and didnt find it to bad (well not bad for an overweight 37 year old).

     I have also taken in some of the route for this Arf Marathon. I live in wolstanton so this is right on my doorstep.

    This will be my first ever event so any help along the way will be much appreciated.



  • I will settle for a bronzeimage
  • i'll just be happy to get round...hope they do the t-shirts in large
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    darron rigby

    good luck with this race I have just finished racing and now run to keep fit also swim 4 times a week and go walking
  • Dinda....after the Great Langdale HM, hills hold no fear for me!! Eeeeeeek..... image

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    this is either up hill or down but good fun and you get to park free you should have a label with your race pack to stick in front of car
  • Anybody else not got their race pack yet?
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