adidas Silverstone Half-Marathon



  • Thanks - That is a really useful link actually - I have been wondering for ages what the route actually is. Only thing is the first mile seems a bit longer than the rest based on that image. Or I am nitpicking.
  • yep, looking forward to this... gone without alcohol since new year leading up to it image... going for a sub-1:30
  • 404 Nickname Not Found wrote (see)
    Thanks - That is a really useful link actually - I have been wondering for ages what the route actually is. Only thing is the first mile seems a bit longer than the rest based on that image. Or I am nitpicking.
    not really looked too hard at the map. 1st mile could depend on where the actual start point is rather than where its been pinned on the map as being.
  • posties brought my race pack today.



    timing chip


    bag for storage on day

    numbered sticker for bag

    magazine with details of the final instructions etc

  • yep got mine too! Ran this for my first ever half marathon last year and loved it! using it as training for my first ever marathon this year.image
  • Mmmm, he didn't bring mine today.  Will wait till tomorrow!

    All I can add if you haven't done this before is make sure you're covered for all weather!  The track is very open and exposed in places.  2 of the 3 times I've run it it has been snowing!!!

  • and I got sunburnt last year!
  • Having been to the Grand Prix numerous times since 2001, I can testify that the area does have its own micro-climate.
  • Yeah I even got sunburnt on a rainy day watching the Grand Prix

    Would love to do this race.

  • Lol jax.   Suncream also packed now!
  • Aww man I want my pack. Damn postie hasn't sent it yet - they might be holding a grudge against me for those kettlebells I ordered last week. image

    I'll give it another week before I resort to panic

  • Nothing here yet either 404.  Did your postie really have to deliver kettlebells???
  • Well it wasn't my regular postie doing the delivering for thos - it was one of those special delivery ones, but they might have blacklisted me for being a general nuisance image
  • Postie just brought my pack.  I'm number 6131.

  • My mate got her pack on Thursday 25 too, still nothing here.  Maybe it's alphabetical - she's a G, I'm an M.

    Looking forward to this one - it was my first half in 2006 and I don't remember a thing about it - I was awestruck [or something].  The chip flew off my shoe right near the start and my finish line photo had a giant worm thing and somebody throwing up in it.

    So what's it like?


  • From the looks of the route, good. Hopefully not gonna be to windy on raceday.

    How're we all doing? Started my taper today, after my final 15-miler yesterday.
  • hi just traing for this one will be my first half! postie not bought me any goodies yet image so hopefully soon
  • This will be my first half marathon. I have done a few road and cross country 10k's and am looking forward to just finishing. I think sub 2hr 30 is a safe figure to aim for as my training has been very slow since Christmas.

    Got my pack last week by the way.

    Good luck to everyone.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Good luck to you too DI.  I'm just aiming to get round too, will be my 4th Silverstone but had a lot of time off over Christmas too.
  • no pack yet.. fingers crossed it will come tomorrow image
  • No pack yet for me either - feels like they are cutting it a bit fine....
  • I have a 20 mile race on Saturday to get through first - won't be racing it, seriously looking forward to this half though.

    Still no race back, glad to see I'm not the only one.

  • image I popped on to the thread just to warn folks to sort out travel for the day nice and early because the number of people panicing has become folk law on here and other running site's. Not racing it or anything but if your asking for a lift in a thread don't be surprised or upset if you get some very strainge replies as well as a hopefully a lift.

    Molly tthe dog wrote (see)
    Hello !!! (screams heard from Duckinator) image   she's here!  image 

    Added bonus I've found ducks mum! imageimageimageimageimageimageimage

    *waves* He talks about you all the time

  • All the best everyone running it. Was meant to be my first half mara, but my IT band got the better of me and I have to pull out. I seriously hoped it would heal up by now seeing as it has been close to 3 weeks now, but no such luck. Absolutely gutted image
  • just to say that i rang the organisers today re race packs - they said that charity place packs are being sent out this week.

     mine was on the doormat when i got home!

     good luck to every one running and commiserations to those of you nursing injuries

  • Just rang the organizers, said my pack was sent out last week... so it much be floating around royal mail somewhere :/

    But they said they would get another pack ready for when i get there, to pick up on the day, suggest anyone that hasn't got the pack at least by tomorrow does the same.
  • Can someone please tell me how they got the organizer on the phone? All I got was a recorded message saying packs will be with you approx 2 weeks before the event.

    No option to speak to anyone.

    Thanks guys!  

  • Don't go to the information part... if you wait there is an option to 'speak to one of our organizer for more information about an event'. Which should connect you with someone almost instantly.
  • Hi Folks. We have x 2 entries for the Silverstone Half marathon we cannot use. Please let me know if anyone wants them
  • hi all got my pack and looking forward to this one just checked the weather and it says its gonna be a dry one!! but we'll see see you all there image
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