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  • Having a look at the long-range forecasts, it looks like it's gonna be dry, like you said, overcast with winds of about 10mph. That's pretty good for an exposed circuit.

    Last key session for me tomorrow, then an easy 3 Wednesday then nothing until the race. Eek image It's getting real now...
  • Hi STFC, have you still got a spare entry for this event ?



  • The weather seems to be getting worse and worse, keeping my fingers crossed for nice weather (anything than rain and strong winds).

    Can't believe it's almost here, think I signed up pretty soon after I found out I had a place in VLM. Not looking forward to the crowds/traffic jams but I want to do it at least once. Once I have that medal in my hand I'll be happy!

  • I'm quite looking forward to the support - I reckon it's the warmup for the VLM supporters as well so they'll be in full volume. It does help take your mind off of the legs in the last 3 miles or so.

    My Dad's taking his bike and cycling around the spectating areas. Should be fun, I'm expecting to see him about 4 times as he knows Silverstone almost as well as I do image
  • looking forward to this as it'll be nice to do my LSR's with people for a change as all of my VLM prep has been on my own so far!

    Does anyone know if it's possible to add on a  few miles within the compounds or am I going to have to go outside and off down some country lanes?

  • You'll probably have to go outwith the circuit - they're closing the track at the rate of a 3 hour half I think.
  • Ok, think I will aim to get there early and add them on before noon.  thanks
  • Well folks, I leave Fife in an hour to travel down. I might see some of you there! Look out for this t-shirt on raceday:

    I'll be hanging around the 1:30 pen, roughly.
  • Good luck to everyone.  I am feeling very nervous as it will be the biggest race I have ever done, and I am doing it as a prep for London.  I am not sure what to wear though, will shorts and a t-shirt be a bit brave?!
  • I'd say you'll be fine.. adrenaline will keep you warm image    Just make sure you have something warm on up until you put your kit bag in, and pack a bin bag to wear until the race itself starts..
  • I'm heading over to the circuit in about 45 minutes - taking a jaunt along the footpaths to the circuit from Whittlebury where I am right now.

    Hopefully see some of you there.
  • How did everyone do then ?

     Bit windy wasn't it ?!!

  • crossed the line in 1hr 30mins 28secs... think its a bit much to hope the chip time will knock off 28 secs image... but still very happy and a PB

    The Hanger straight on the last mile killed me.... was a great experience to run at such a venue though... even if it looks NOTHING like how it looks on tele.
  • agreed, it doesnt look as good as it does on TV and it was V WINDY!  Enjoyed myself nonetheless  made a nice change from doing an LSR on my own and a nice change to go a bit quicker than LSR pace, even if it hurt a bit by mile 11 image

    Hope you all got the times you were looking for.

  • Great time Matty. I gave into temptation and went quicker than the planned LSR ... was thinking I'd do 2hrs 5 and ended up 1hr 56.

    Think there's a lot of work going on as they weren't expecting this year's Britsh GP but they've now got it.

    What about that last mile ? Wind blowing straight down into your face. Yuk ! And I couldn't see the line until we were really close !

    Biggest run I've done in terms of numbers. How does it compare to VLM in terms of crowdedness on the road ?

  • I've not done VLM but Reading is a bigger half (in terms of runners) half and it is much busier.  I imagine London is far worse than both.

    Always makes me smile though that come mile 10 theres plenty of room!

  • Wow what an experience - definitely the biggest race I have ever done.  I decided to go for it rather than treat it as a LSR but didn't crucify myself.  Felt comfy most of the way round, the last mile was hard with the wind in my face!  I got a PB too, and am so so so so pleased!!  I just wanted to get under 2 hours and managed 1:54:55 wow this marathon training is doing the job.  I couldn't keep that pace up for 26 miles though.  I got the clothing right too, shorts and t-shirt were perfect!  Well done everyone!  And yes it looks nothing like it does on the telly but I will watch the British GP more closely now!
  • I got my PB of 1:57:30, so happy....... very windy last mile, really enjoyed the race though. well done everyone
  • Well done everyone.

    This was my 3rd time here and was hoping for under 2.00.  Garmin said 1:59:58 so v-happy.

  • Congrats Nick. What did your Garmin give you distance-wise ? Mine ended up on 13.3 miles ... it was disagreeing with the mile markers from the very start !!
  • Really enjoyed this race today! Can't believe I smashed my PB from 2:00:57 down to 1:47:33 (according to Garmin, anyone know when official times get posted?)! Chuffed to bits. Glad it wasn't just me finding the last mile very windy! I thought it was a great race as there seemed to be lots of space to run and wasn't congested like lots of others I've done. Plus everyone was really friendly and chirpy. The sun helped! Well done everyone.
  • First race of 2010 and I enjoyed the day. Wind on that last mile was an absolute nightmare though - at least from the comments on here and on the race reviews it wasn't just me that found this !!

    Anyone know when the chip results might be available ?
  • Does any one know when the official reults will be on.  Think I got a pb - want to be sure!

  • Good race - plenty of space, good weather (if a bit windy) and plenty of drinks.  I got 2hrs, happy with that.

     Still no results that I can see either

     parking was a bit poorly organised, took me about an hour to get out.   Nevermind, well done all.

  • Took us ages to get out too and roads so busy.  Got home at 7 image  Tired now but glad of doing first sub  hr - just!
  • My Garmin forefunner 50 made it 14.2miles! I had calibrated it as well. I did do an awful lot of ducking and weaving past people as I started near the back - could this have made up a whole mile or is it on the blink?!

    Great day though

  • Thanks ELGM.  My Garmin 305 says 13.33.  It got to each mile about .17 miles before the mile marker.
  • Had great fun at this race. Silverstone is a place of fab (motor) racing memories for me so to run on the track was just awesome. It seemed for the whole race you'd get a tailwind on a uphill and a headwind on the down, so it was quite even, until the final quartermile which was, as you've all said, a killer. Still PB'd it (like everyone yesterday it seems!) in 1:25 ish. Tired today!

    Nick P, I don't know if it was a Garmin thing, but my 310 was clocking the miles earlier and earlier. I couldnt even see the mile 13 marker when it said I was there. Mine read 13.35 at the end.

    Good work all, thanks for making such a great day out.
  • NickP & Ben - my Garmin was about .15 early every mile. Crossed finish line with 13.3.

    Didn't think much to the course to be honest - running on the race track was a novelty and well worth doing though. There was also a complete lack of atmosphere - doubt I'll be doing this one again.

    And that fact the results aren't up yet is pretty bad - I've received text messages from lower-key races in the past before now...

  • My garmin said 13.36 at the end, which meant I did my race pace target to do it in 2 hours, but didn't cos it was longer. I'm not overly bothered cos its Stratford that I want to do in well under 2 hours, my main goal from yesterday was to enjoy it, which I really did. I thought the atmosphere amoungst the runners was really good. Special thanks to the lady who told me to get moving when I was having a Tourettes moment in the headwind in the last mile, and apologies to the man who got a load of my exploding GO gel around mile 6.
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