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  • There's a lot of people saying this course was 13.3(something). Anyone got a non-Garmin GPS to cross-reference it with? Seems unlikely with such an event, but the Garmins are all hugely consistent. I remember trying to run the shortest route possible. Might we all have run a bit further than 13.1?
  • Mine was 13.3 miles on my Garmin too! I say we all ran further, it's an extra reason to eat copious amounts of cake today.

  • ladybee you had plenty of reason to eat cake by knocking that much off your PB! well done!
  • The direct running route on the course would have been 13.1. I reckon we've all taken some corners a bit to wide, especially near the start with the crowds.

    Having said that, it was strange that it stayed consistent though after the 1st mile for me.

  • The course was measured by Hugh Jones who is one of the world's leading course measurers and the shortest route around the course was exactly the half marathon distance.
  • Fair enough! Thanks for the info Nick.

    Just checked a calculator site and if I'd run 13.1 I would've knocked just under 2mins off my PB. That'll teach me not to run in a straight line.
  • I was there yesterday doing the Baggage and just want to congratulate all you runners - it was a great day and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.  Hope to be running it myself for a third time next year.  Well done you are all amazing.image
  • Hi Everyone,

    I have to say I was so disappointed with the event yesterday! No atmosphere, a few onlookers but barely any cheering along a boring building site route! Won't be doing this again...

    I did the Great North Run in September and had a such a great time, I barely noticed the pain in my legs for all the cheering and music along the way.

    Oh well, nice goody bag at the end and another medal memento image

  • 1'33:45 for me. Resisted the temptation to get sucked along at the start as I was just behind the RW 7 minute/mile pacer. Used some larger runners as windbreakers but the last mile killed me.

    My mum won the senior woman's event image
  • My first time at Silverstone and probably my last, the race didn't do it for me at all.

    Now I know that we would be running around such a famous track and I hoped that would help with the race but I've never come across a route so dull! Going round another corner and oh wait it's more track!Personally it was too windy for me too, I'm only a slim thing so when the wind was strong it was a real struggle and that last mile was hell! 

    The whole race didn't go well for me anyway, I know the golden rule is don't do anything different on race day that you haven't done on a training run but with the late start I ate a small breakfast hours before hand and then had a bad stitch for most of the race. D'oh!

    Very well organised though, great value and not a bad medal either! XL t-shirt though?

    Congrats to your mum btw Duckinator! That's great.

    P.s On the off chance that they guy I accidently hit on the back with the water bottle is on here, I am VERY sorry! I was aiming for the bin and over-shot it, I didn't see you there when I threw it.

  • Phew, that wasn't me!! It was at the first water station around mile 3 and the number doesn't match.

    I couldn't believe the amount of men that took a whizz against the side on the very first corner, we couldn't have been running for more then 2 mins!

  • i actually saw a few guys taking whizzes, i told the girls i was running with that is was really not fair on us, there were no bushes! we had to actually hold it until we found a toilet!
  • Was anyone around the 7 min/mile pacer and see that guy fall over after about 4 or 5 minutes? Looked quite painful, but he got right up and kept on going...
  • LOL @ the first corner !  I did chuckle to myself though ... was tempted to join them but decided to hang on in there !

    Did everyone end up with an XL t-shirt then ?  Real shame as the design's great but it's going to look a bit odd on me !

  • Yep - got an XL. image

    Was surprised with the superb organisation that they hadn't got different t-shirt sizings.

  • That's a shame.  Will just have to give it an extra-hot wash !

    Just checked my Garmin again -- 13.38 mles -- so must have taken a good few corners wide. 

    Mind, was I alone in getting a bit cross at how sharply some people were cutting into the racing line ?  It made quite a few corners really quite crowded, ironically slowing everyone down !

  • Ok, may just to make a right idiot of myself but...

    On the t-shirt what did the L3 stand for?
    I think it had the venue, distance, that L3 thing and then the date. None of us could work it out in the car on the way home.

    Andreia - you weren't running behind me were you?! A woman shouted pretty much the same thing as I passed the men. Although a man did also shout "Looks like a d**k, only smaller", that really made me chuckle.

  • k8greene - me and you both must be idiots - I've no idea either about the L3.
  • 3 laps?
  • K8greene i was the 11 minute miling runnersworld person, was I in front of you?

  • Silverstone HM is like any other HM

    it does'nt suit everyone, or we all get a bad day, for what ever reason,

    A lot of People seem to think that i dont get bad days, oh but i do !!

    i just turn bad days on route into training runs thats all, and get to finish line when we do 

    running is all on the day, you'd be suprised if your phsycological mind isn't right how much it can create havoc with perfomance and once you've gone negative on route, unless one has the mental stamina and expereince to beat it, it's like flogging a dead horse

    but it's all a learning expereince

  • Ok guys? I did the Silverstone half too! (1.54.00) Dullest race i have ever done! I too would like to know what the L3 on the T-shirt was about?
  • Not feeling like such an idiot now, I thought everyone knew and it was like some insiders secret! Surely L3 must mean something as all the other bits were relevant?

    Andreia - probably not then, it must have been a popular comment amongst as women!

    Brix2tri - I agree, very dull race but at least we can say we've taken part in a race at Silverstone. 

  • Hi MicknPhil - were you there yesterday?  Really enjoyed catching up with you at Stevenage.
  • Hi Trigg

    i cant think who u are - sorry

    no, we were at Stafford 20 spectating, i've been unwell for 3 weeks, i'll be back in action this weekend at Reading HM hopefully

    We've run Silverstone HM 3 times before, but sadly and it is sadly LM bosses and i dont get on

    we were allowed at last minure to run London in 2008 only because we won the RW heroes of running award

    people must understand, if i were a novice ok fair enough, but i'm far from that, and NOBODY puts my boy in the corner

    but were busy in life, very busy,and extremely happy

    best wishes to you ALL 

  • Hi Mick & Phil,

    Hope your feeling better soon. Think Silverstone was the first race I've done for sometime when you guys haven't been there...

    All the best.

  • L3 is what F1 teams put on the pitboard during races. It means Lap 3.

    Generally, drivers are told what lap they're on, or how long until their next pitstop, by radio. However a a pitboard (like the ones on the t-shirts) is also used to re-iterate the message.

    An example might be like this:

    Hamilton -3.4
    Button +7.1

    L17 is the lap number = Lap 17. P3 is position = third. Lewis Hamilton is ahead of you by 3.4 seconds, and Jenson Button is 7.1 seconds behind you.

    Hope that clears it up image
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