adidas Silverstone Half-Marathon



  • Does anyone ever buy their race pics or even like them?!

    I'm a no on both points.

  • No- although I did when I did London marathon. I can hardly manage a grimace in mine let alone a smile image) lol

    OK off for run.......

  • hi all

    I'm still a bloke aged 18-39 in the results despite telling the organizers by email.  Am I being anal?  It makes a personal difference as I did rather well for age.

    My Garmin also had 13.36 by the way, although I was aware at times of electing not to queue up to turn a corner! 

    Wind was a killer, especially at the end when I was going backwards after starting way too fast.

    Reading tomorrow - easy easy easy to quote a mentor of mine!       

  • Rabbit- not anal at all- we work hard for our results and they need to be right- keep nagging at them ! Well done to you.

    Good luck at Reading...

  • i liked the Silverstone run a lot.  Having lived some 5 miles from Silverstone for 20 yrs (now reside in Basingstoke) and seen more motor racing than i care to remember it was only my second time setting foot on the track.  i knew from my umpteen visits that the wind would play a big part and yep it did.  Very well organised, very impressed.  I got a 1 hr 25 min 59 secs and then made a hasty exit as i know how bad traffic can be.  It was back to my mums for a roast dinner with all the trimmings image
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