Beaverbrooks Blackpool 10K

is the postal closing date of 5th Jan right?

it was May last year. if so i guess i missed the boat. mind not helped that i kept looking on the event website for it, which just has not been updated at all since last years pics were put on. 



  • Just go for it Bats. Can't see them rejecting a postal entry unless it's full.

    It was good last year as we went up for 3 days, & we spent the Sat at the Pleasure Beach. image

    It's one for all abilities too. Think I beat something like 522 people! Good atmosphere with a live radio show & commentary.

    Have you actually done any running in the past month!!?? When are you next going to Heaton? I'm getting drawn to the Woodbank park one too. Nice to have a change.

  • i will, be the end of the month though.

    zero running for almost 4 weeks. kiddywinks over xmas now the snow not happy lol. 

    not sure when back at heaton. hopefully in 2 weeks time

  • Try not to do any training at all until the next Heaton, then I may have a chance of beating you.....I wasn't far off your time at "The Best"!!!!!!!
  • and remember, even that day i set a new pb lol
  • Me too. We were both on form that day.....but from now on, you eat my dust.... image
  • well you need to get out of my dust trail 1st to see where you're going lol
  • Will we ever see dust's just snow snow snow.... image
  • they finally updated the website and sorted the postal closing date.

     got my entry in now image

  • done this race twice and to me it is the best race in Blackpool 

    bats good luck

    I am doing Leeds half that day

  • cheers Dinda. enjoyed it on my previos occasion too, just taken me too long to get back to it.
  • This will be my first 10K. Really looking forward to it. Anyone else on here doing this one?
  • I've just decided to do this. What are the conditions/benefits of entering as a team? So you can see how well you do on average compared with other teams and see where you are in the finishing positions?

    Also it says normal entries are £9.50 but online entry is £11?

  •  Welcome Wellyman.

    Hi Alex. runnersworld add on a cut for themselves (in most cases its £1.50).

    i think what the organisers have done though is make it so its £11 overall through here by taking the hit themselves and keeping it £11 for post enteries so everyone pays the same. 

  • Thanks a lot.
  • 7 weeks to go, this will be my 10th Blackpool 10k!!  PB I hope image

    Anyone know of any good 5k's between now and then???

  • I've found the new thread now! There are some 5ks in Manchester, if you're near there. I'm doing one on May 3rd in Wythenshawe Park.
  • just entered this one had a bad time a blackpool marathon  but only 7 weeks traning !!!
  • Have done the illuminations 10k before - is this the same route??

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    no not same people who put fun run on this goes south from the hilton and back again finishing on middle walk
  • Good luck all of you 10kers. We coasters will pass you just before the start on our way North from the tower -give us a cheer and we will cheer and applaud back.

    Have a good oneimage


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    bats and everyone

    SRH races are cutting down on races they put on Rons wife is not well at all and I think he needs more time with Family
  • cheers Dinda.

    its been a while since i did one of his races, and to be honest im not bothered if i never do another one. 

    now have car so im not reliant upon getting to local places like blackpool too much anymore. 

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    not racing at the moment had a sore throat and full of cold may give racing a break for now but will still keep running and swimming my ankle has been a bit dohgy nearly went over on it in last sundays race at sheffield but got 1h36 and hoping to go to Brisbane next year my cousan who lives in oxford is moving there with his wife and baby daughter and they said i could go for a holiday
  • See you all Sunday!
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    all have a good one done this race and it is a great race
  • I'm just getting my entry in. Might enter on the day actually. Don't think it's full.....??

    Be sure to stay & watch everyone finish, as last year there were all kinds of people running, & they need your support! Like the Down's Syndrome kids who were chuffed to bits to get a medal. image

    It's the only race that bimblers like me can beat hundreds of people!! image

    Off to the Pleasure Beach afterwards......yee ha.....image

  • BB get it entered now to be safe lol image
  • Maybe I like to live dangerously!! image Ps. Have you any idea how wet you're going to get on Valhalla!?? image
  • i'll have my shorts on still, i dont care lol
  • It's going to rain, so we'll be wet anyway. The rain should keep the queues down....
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