Flu and training

Hi guys and girls,

 Hope tht everyone is well. I have been laid up with the flu for the past week, I mean bed bound for the majority of it an not just a cold either. I am feeling slightly more human today hence my first venture online for ages as still not leavign the house yet but wondered if anyone had any advice on how and when to get back into some sort of training? as obviously being laid up for a week with at least a few weeks more recovery time to factor in is really hampering thigs. I know I need to take it easy for a while yet but any help or advice would be appreciated,




  • Hi Craig

    I'd play it by ear, only you know how you feel, maybe start by going for a walk and then run at intervals during your walk depending on how you feel. Stay close to home for this so you can easily cut it short and head home if you feel really bad. be sure to drink plenty of water and try to get your nutrition right. If you feel ok doing this you can always build on it

    I should point out that I'm not a doctor so could be talking rubbish but it is what I would do anyway, hope it helps

  • I'm in the same situation been in bed for a week and thinking my fitness is going to be non existant by the time I recover but probably best not to push things and recover properly otherwise we will only make oursleves worse in the long term!
  • 2 weeks of inactivity, you only lose 10% apparently.  But save the glory over death sprints till you are fit again
  • general rule of thumb:

    Viral infections below the neck (chest colds/flu's) - do not train.

    Viral infections above the neck (head colds) - light training until recovered.

  • Thanks for the advice guys, still feeling terrible and spoken to my dr who advises a few weeks of taking things very easy so will try to get into things slowly once feeling better in the hopefully not too distant future, no point rushing things and making myself worse! Cheers everyone. Jeno, hope you feel better soon as well!
  • I went down with flu at the end of 2009, also proper bed ridden 'I feel dreadful' stuff, not a bad cold. Developed into a nasty sinus infection. Fun couple of weeks.

    Today I went for a run, the first real exercise I've done in just over 2 weeks. Managed about 30 mins (normal for me is 35-40 as I only started in September). It was hard work so I kept to a fairly easy pace, and at the end of my regular route is a small hill which I looked at, convinced myself I could have done it, then stopped and walked.

    Feel pretty good now, I know I have some work to do to get back to my previous levels but it doesn't seem too bad. The worst part is thinking about how long it's been since you ran and worrying that you'll never get back to it. You will, and it is worth resting until you're properly well.
  • Thanks for all the comments guys they are appreciated, after taking it easy for a few weeks after having the flu felt just enough better to get a short easy run in today and things weren't too bad so hoping with some patience and taking it steady should be back into the training lark as soon as I can........good job too as got some training to do for the beast run at end of Feb image

    *Ian- good to hear you're feeling better too chap, it's not very nice at all being hit by the proper 'flu' and glad to hear you're getting back into things now too!

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