Help A Half Marathon Beginner!

I am hoping to run at least one half marathon this year.  I've run a few 10mile races so I'm pretty confident I can add on the extra miles.  The first of the two races I have my eye on is in August, the second not until October.  I plan to do some 5, 7 & 10k races in the earlier part of the year.  I've not done much running at all in the last two months, so need to start training almost from scratch. 

I've not followed specific training plans before, but figure that for a 1/2 I probably need to have more structure.  The problem is that most training plans seem to be 12 weeks.  I have had shin splints in the past from uneven training, & I also travel internationally for work which means that whenever I'm training, there is always a week somewhere in the middle where the best I can do is a couple of 20 minute runs on a treadmill.  So I'd like to train steadily, and consolidate each stage, so that my travel weeks aren't a problem, and I'm less likely to be injured. 

I plan to try to cross train a bit this time around too, as I tend to run more than anything else, and I know I'd benefit from doing some strength/flexibility training too.  So I want to keep my running to 4x week max.  I did my 10 milers on 3x week training, so I hope this should be possible... 

I've wondered whether to take a 12 week plan (once I've got my 5k fitness back), & re-work it so that I do a number of the weeks twice.  But not sure if that will just mess up the way the programme structure has been set up.

Does anyone have any ideas?


  • If you can do 10 miles then the half shouldn't be a problem, if time is an issue I would stick to the 3 days, do a faster short run say 3/5 miles a longer slower 7/10 miles and maybe some hill reps for a short but excellent training session, If you haven't got hills sprint sessions are good for speed and strength or incline the tread mill. I probably shouldn't say it but I did not have a lot of structure for 10's and halfs and did 3/4 runs a week of varying length and speed depending on time...good luck, its a great distance but something about the title 'half marathon' makes you want to do a full one!
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