Anyone have any good ideas how to combat tendonitis in the Achilles (other than Dr's wise cousel to 'stop running')?


  • About 12 years ago I had an operation on my Achilles and felt this had solved my problems.  However, last year, i started getting that niggling twinge/pain and went back to see the consultant.  He knew I was comitted to running and did not discourage me, instead he reccommended I bought some "sorbothane" heel pads to wear in my daily footwear.  They act as a shock absorber and are really good.  I was also advised to wear shoes with a slight heel on them rather than wearing flats all the time, however i guess this depends as to whether your a female or not!!!!  You can buy the sorbothane heel pad insoles for less than a tenner from www.fitnessfootwear.com

    Hope this helps

  • Another vote for heel pads/heel raises. I use Sorborthane heel pads too but if these are insufficient for you (they are quite soft and only give a few mm of raise) you might try Spenco, or another high-density foam wedge raise, to get 4mm+ raise.

    Also regular stretching and eccentric calf raises help me, but apparently the calf raises don't do it for everyone. Regular ice, and careful regular home massage assist. Running uphill can exacerbate achilles aggravation, so you might want to avoid hills at least until well warmed up.

     Hope it sorts out soon!

  • Ice massage using the 'dixie cup technique' (google it)

    Ecentric stretching (lowering yourself off a step)



  • You could try regular self / massage & stretching the calf to keep the muscle in good condition & avoid any additional strain on the area. For self massage have a look at the stick
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