I now have 11 confirmed orders for T-shirts which means I will almost certainly be able to order these in the middle of next week. I am checking with Wasp on when we might get these back.

This may be the last T-shirt order in a while so if you want one, you MUST do the following NOW!!!

Go to the URWFRC website (link at bottom - register there if you haven't already) and place your order by selecting 'Order Vest' from the top menu and 'T-shirt' from the sub-menu. Fill in the form at the bottom of the resulting page and click 'Order'. A 'vest order confirm' page will appear - MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE DETAILS AND PRESS THE SUBMIT BUTTON OR YOUR ORDER WILL NOT REGISTER ON THE SYSTEM. I know a few people have been having some technical problems with the ordering system, but the tireless Swiss Bobby has now fixed these. If you have any further problems with it, try again later (the database might be undergoing maintenance) and if you still get problems, email either me or SB with details. Note though, that SB will not be around next week to fix any problems.

And then, post me a cheque (details on website) for the correct amount STRAIGHT AWAY. Due to the size and nature of the club operations, we cannot place an order with the suppliers without payment to back your order up. We have to pay the suppliers up front and we regret that club funds do not allow for us to be casual about ordering items without pre-payment. I am setting the cut-off date for this as Tuesday 17th September so your last date for ordering and first class posting of cheques is Monday. So don't dilly-dally!!! No payment - no order! Simple as that!

URWFRC website link is




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