Tuesday January 12th

Morning everyone,
Nicely done with the IM , DM
Good run too DD!
What - supposed to be club night, but given that it may be icy, I might opt for speedwork at lunchtime, at least the pavements in London are clear.
Why - Tuesday

Have a great day


  • morning all.

    Well done DM for your first IM in such torrid conditions.

    It's quite surreal that in London you'd hardly know there had been snow but here in Kent, only just outside the M25 it's still lying thick on the ground.  It is starting to thaw but unless it warms up considerably we're going to have this for another couple of days.

    What: 5.3 miles easy
    Why: it's what I do
    Last hard: sunday? Saturday?
    Last rest: thursday

    Normal service is just about resumed.  Av HR for that run was 135 which is in the region of where it should be for the pace.  

    Stickless, thanks for the info email.  

    No idea on the lyrics - so normal service is resumed there too then. 

    Enjoy your day all. 

  • Morning.

    If anyone didn't get them yesterdays lyrics were - All You Need is Love, The Beatles.

    DM - I had a similar experience really, dream swim (1.20); great bike (6.25); PW on the run (5.08) to bring it home in 12.53. A PB but not quite what I'd hoped for after my training. A beautiful place, fantastically well organised race and lovely people though I thought. Would love to go back and try again in the ususal temperatures they have for the race.

    What:          am run intervals/pm turbo.
    Why:            building back.
    Last hard:  last year.
    Last rest:   last year.

    Lyrics - I think I do.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning All

    DM / LMH : No danger of me joinging you both in your IM exploits, I simply do not have the time to train for one even though I would like too. Have hardly cycled for months as MrsDD gets upset if I train early in the morning of both weekend days and there is no other time when I can fit in a long run and a long cycle when the roads are at least a little quieter than the normal Dubai madness.

    Sandrunner: Was talking to the Dubai marathon RD last night they have 1800 entries, so would guess 1400 will run.

    PM2: thanks for the vote of confidence, I beleive that I can amaze myself if I can get to the start line well.

    TT / Alehouse and others, hear you loud and clear re tapering. But this raises a further question for which I would be grateful to hear others opinions.

    As a 60+ mile a week runner when marathon training  my planed mileage for the last 4 weeks is/ was as follows 65 / 50 / 32 / 20 (for the 6 days prior to the race). So far I have stuck to this plan (were in the 32 mile week now) but what I have been trying to do is keep the intensity high, hence last nights gallop around the park.

    Now the question is what would others consider as keeping the intensity high? 1 tempo run & 1 interval session per week during the taper, perhaps reducing the distance of the tempo run and the number of intervals each week (my approach) or reduce the pace or reduce the pace and the distance / number?

    What: Nowt
    Why: taper
    Last Hard: Last night
    Last Rest: Today, off to see DR this afternoon, still not 100% but better than I was.

    Lyrics: No but should have got yesterdays

  • Morning all

    What: Turbo and swim d&d
    Easy RUN (a lunchtime run is rare these days)
    ?? PM
    Gym - small muscles PM
    Why: Rach need to be on the early train so adjusted my schedule
    Last hard: This morning
    Last rest: 23rd November 2009
    Last non run day: Friday 8th January
    Lyrics: Another one I know :¬)

    DD - intensity(pace) should be maintained and frequencey(duration) of session reduced.
  • Morning all,

    Thanks all of you for your encouragement. I'm still grinning and enjoying the rush of genuine optimism, instead of the more common grit teeth and keep going spirit.

    DM - terrific report. Things I will only ever dream of doing. Sympathies with the cramping!

    DD, I think I must have missed a post. Is the issue taper strategy, or modification of taper strategy due to earlier viral illness. What little I know of viral illnesses is that like scorpions, the sting is in the tail. If the latter, then trying to evolve the correct strategy for balancing intensity/duration of sessions with rest is a challenge I am all too familiar with. If I have learned anything, it is to watch for tell-tale signs of illness (disturbed sleep, headache, muscle ache) and take them very seriously(i.e. can the plans and rest), and match any session of any intensity or duration with a deliberate extra rest session. (For me, Sunday's terrific run was followed by an afternoon spent knitting by the fire.) This may not be the issue of course, and I may be barking entirely up wrong tree.

    Gobi, I've sort of lost track. What are your running goals for the year?

    TmR - fingers crossed that your race isn't cancelled. Sounds like your style of race.

    Rest day for me, aka upper body work (gouging rough arching of double bass) at the violin workshop.

    Run well all.

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    morning all

    lyrics yes,2 days in a row, amazing for me too!!

    DD good luck with dr and well pb'd last night

    tmr, I know what you mean by compacted crunchy, that was what I ran on last night and it was slow but do able

    NZC hope stomach is better

    DM sounds to me like you did really well doing that IM, well done sir!!

    stickless thanks for email, I do have a race sat and sunday that weekend unfortunately but will def sponsor you anyway!

    what: well as I managaed 4 slow miles last night I will swim about a kilometre tonight

    why: see above!!

    last hard: last night whacking elbow on a wheelie bin whilst keeping eyes set on snowy floor

    last easy: watching telly most of the evening having done a run!!

    Am enjoying not studying I must say, but tonight I will be doing a spanish class with my daughter image

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Morning folks.

    It is a bit of a pickle Moraghan. Sounds like Stickless' idea is worth a try, and maybe other than that a food diary for a bit and try to identify a trend?

    DD - with the obvious caveat that your taper should be greater if you're ill and that this was my taper off the back of an average of 120mpw for the previous 7 weeks (2nd or non-effort session on any day was optional), what I done in the 2 weeks into Edinburgh was (anything above recovery in bold):
    2 weeks out:
    Mon - rest (travelling).
    Tues: am 45min rec jog w 10 x 100m/100m windsprints (aim is to top up glycolytic) / 1hr rec jog pm.
    Wed: am 45min rec jog / pm: 10k track tempo (was supposed to be tempo, but I ran it about PMP as was feeling tired - aim is to top up LT).
    Thurs: am 45min rec jog / pm: 1hr rec jog.
    Fri: am: 30min rec jog.
    Sat: am: 1hr easy (aerobic top up) / pm 45mins rec jog.
    Sun: 2hrs easy (aerobic top up).

    Race week:
    Mon: am: 45mins rec jog / pm: 20 x ~45m windsprints / ~55m jog (aim is to top up glycolytic).
    Tues: 1hr rec jog / 45mins rec jog.
    Wed: 30mins rec jog / 2km track TT (aim is to top up VO2max).
    Thurs: 45mins rec jog.
    Fri: 30mins rec jog.
    Sat: 30mins rec jog.
    Sun: race.

    Personally, to maximise my chances on race day, if I were under the weather, I'd restrict myself to jogging - better to get there a little unsharpened, than not at all.

    What: lie-in am / core pm / swimming lessons pm (assuming it doesn't snow again - which it looks like it may image )
    Why: recovery day.
    Last hard: yesterday.
    Last rest: Thursday 7th.
    Lyrics: Yes.

    Have a great day all.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Good morning all:

    What: 7 miles easy
    Why: recovery
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: Friday last

    Stickless - got your email, thanks.

    Hmmm.....that's about it for today.

    Have Fun
  • Afternoon

    nice report DM, nice going

    glad normal service has resumed mava

    Looks like the speeds still there DD, I'm sure you've got the experience to know to rest enough to clear the virus

    what: 7-9 miles later
    why: maintaining the base
    last hard: supposed to be yesterday, but in reality, Friday
    last rest: Thursday
    lyrics: 2 in a row for me too, don't know the artist though

    happy runnings all!

  • Thanks for the advice guys. Stickless I think  you are probably spot on. Have never tapered with the effects of a virus in my body so I'll listen to one and all and ease right off, particuarly as after last night I know i'm very close to my best.

    Have just got back from Dr's, his diagnosis?? Hmm well he concluded that there is nothing wrong with, heart, blood pressure or chest. Apparently I was the third or fourth patient today suffering from a feeling of light headiness, dizzyness following a viral infection, Him... hmm perhaps there is a pattern here! Well conclusion was that I probably have viral infection of the inner ear... maybe. Anyway took loads of blood to no doubt open another can of worms cos being a celiac my blood counts are always all over the place especially when I haven't been over strict with myself over xmas. May go sick tomorrow and try sleeping all day!

  • Wabo: well done on the weight loss.

    Tom: nice 12 miler yesterday.  Well impressive speed.

    DD: great club run yesterday! Glad to hear there's nothing seriously wrong. You still have lots of time to shake that virus. Sleep is always the best course of action.

    NZC: hope stomach feels better today.

    Moraghan: bummer about the stitch. I hope that Stickless' tip will work.

    Stickless - thanks for the e-mail!

    DM - great IMWA report! I gathered from LMH's report that conditions were hell. Well done for toughing it out!

    What: 9 miles with 10x100m strides d&d this morning. Planned a quick dash to gym the pm but canned it. Too much work.
    Why: it's wot the plan says
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: 4/1
    Lyrics: positive again

  • Stickless - you haven't lost track as I have listed no running goals this year :¬)
  • Gobi -Ah, well I presume with the scary lot of work you are doing in the way of training that you have something up your sleeve which might become apparent in time. Have fun with it.

  • Hi Folks,

    Few rest / recoveries going on today - enjoy !

    D.D. - Hope you feel better - good 4.5K PB though last night. Ta for the Dubai info. If 1800 are entered and 1400 will run, what do you think the other 400 will do? In my first marathon there were only 30 people, ran on my own most of the way, so I'm looking forward to running with more people. My taper is down to about 25 miles per week from a max of 40 mpw. off 3-4 runs.

    Gobi - Thanks good advice noted re. intensity and  frequency during taper

    Tom, Jason and Chickadee nice base mileage runs.

    What: Jog / walk to from gym / weights core when there @ 1HR

    Why: Cross training

    Last Hard: Jan 3

    Last rest: Sunday 

    Lyrics hhmmmm

  • Dubai Dave - just keep ticking over - jogging and a few strides wont hurt you but I wouldn't do anymore hard out efforts - you know it's there, relax and save it till race day.

    What 3 miles am 5k O'Hagans pm - very hot and windy - not much go - 22.54

    Will have to look back at Desert Man's report.

    Good running everyone.

  • DD - hope it clears up in time for your race.

    NZC - getting plenty of racing in, good to see. 

    What:  a.m. 3m easy p.m. 10m with drills / strides and 2 * (4 * 300m) @ 1500m pace with equal standing recovery.

    Why:  Staying in touch with 1500m pace.  Funny how after early season 1500m pace sessions I always come away thinking I'm never going to be able to hold that pace for a whole race.

  • Oooh Desert Man - that sounded tough! Congratulations on finishing.

    Moraghan - think I'd try to find a sports doctor now while the spot is painful so you can point it out to him/her. There must be something that can be done. Maybe TMR might have some thoughts on it.

  • NZChristine wrote (see)

    Moraghan - think I'd try to find a sports doctor now while the spot is painful so you can point it out to him/her. There must be something that can be done. Maybe TMR might have some thoughts on it.

    Good idea, I just wouldn't have a clue who would be appropriate to talk to.  My experience of sports physios isn't thst positive.
  • What 5.2 easy
    Why slush
    Lyrics no

    looking forward to the end of the snow

  • evening.

    More snow forecast for Kent overnight tonight.  image

  • Back again

    What: Steadily paced 9 miles from London EC1 to Kidbrooke (hoping the car would still be where I left it several hours previously) - out along the Highway to Canary Wharf, around the Isle of Dogs, through the foot-tunnel and up(!) onto a snowy Blackheath - started out slow and finished - er, slow.

    Why: Because I still can

    Last hard: Sunday's "timed" lap of Greenwich Park

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    good to see you posting Graham

    What - 4m Rec on the treadmill
    Why - Tired and groin a bit iffy
    Last Hard - Yesterday
    Last Rest - Fri

    Take care

  • Moraghan, Dr (not that I am) TmR at your service..... the diaphragm is a muscle like any other, so my only suggestion is that you have strained it at some point in the past, and periodically you are aggravating it.  But that isn't really consistent with only coming on in longer races, rather than when you are running faster, and breathing more deeply in shorter races.  How long has it been around ? When did you first notice it ?  What about in long hard training sessions ?  I think you said the right side, so another possibility is that is is something to do with irritating a otherwise asymptomatic gallstone ?   Or do you get very stressed and breathing goes haywire in those 3k+ races ?

    What: "track session"  total 8ml,  except that the track is still snow covered, but the trusty Uni RR was completely snow and ice free, so even did 2 laps are warm up, instead of usual road loop. Then 2 laps, 1 lap, 2 laps, 1 lap., 2 laps c M-tempo effort (each lap = 0.8ml)
    Why: it's Tuesday, but a shorter than usual distance as a nod to tapering for the w/e

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Moraghan - re your abdominal problems google. Whitty, Pask and Buckingham, sports therapists in Northampton. The man to see is Mark Buckingham, probably the best of his breed in the Uk. Not sure of the waiting list to get in, but if anyone can help it's him - £40 per 40 mins session but well worth it.
  • TMR

    I remember the day I got it.  It was about 8 years ago in a 10 mile race - I'd never had stitches before.  The only race I never finished.  Ever since then it's been looming in the background.  It's definitely not haywire breathing as my breathing is very measured (in the context of a race of course).  I have also tried different breathing patterns. 

    I get it sooner in short races than long races and similarly I'll usually get it fairly late in a training workout such as MP running.  There seems to be some equation which is duration X speed - meaning the faster I run the sooner it arrives but in short races it's not there for long enough to turn really chronic.  I get away with it in 3k as it's just starting to hurt as I'm 2 laps from the finish.  Occasionally I don't get it at all, sometimes I'll get a mild dose in easy runs.   

    I got it today on the last rep of a 4 * 300m.  It only gets really chronic in continuous runs where intensity slowly ramps up - it will ease when I stop racing.

    The only other thing is that I know I will get it when I get a small pain on the lower left side of my gut, it will then shift over to the right side of my gut and then move up under my rib cage when it gets serious.  During a slow warm-up if I get a pain in my lower left gut I know I'm definitely in for an ugly day. 

    I never considered a gallstone - but the strained muscle sounds convincing.

    Tom.  - thanks, that's the 2nd recommendation I've had for Buckingham.  I'll ring him tomorrow.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Moraghan - let us know how you get on
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