The Valentine 10K


Is anyone else running this 10k?

I entered a few days ago and wondered if anyone had any experience of the course. There is one review which just says it is "interesting and testing in places".

I'm running VLM 2010 and am in dire need of racing experience. I've been running about 4 years and have mostly just run one race a year (Bespak GEAR 10k which is held in my home town). I ran the Great Eastern Run in Peterborough in October and I'm looking to do another Half before London (probably Broadland on 21 March).

Look forward to being overwhelmed with the responses image


  • I forgot to say this event is held just outside Norwich.
  • hi

    i recently met the chairman of the host club.... he said its a nice run with only one small hill at the start then mostly flat.. so you should enjoy it.

    for your info a realy great run to do is the Bungay 20k on the following sunday 21st feb. Bungay Black Dog are an excellent club whose races are always well organised and marshalled. its a good pre-run before VLM.. good luck with that by the way


  • Thanks for your reply Nurse Gladis. I strained a calf muscle a few weeks ago and am only just getting into the swing of things again, so I'm not 100% sure whether I'll be racing yet. I'm sticking to slow runs at the moment and then going to try a very gentle acceleration run on Wednesday. I'll make a final decision depending on how it goes. So far, so good, though.

    Thanks too for the recommendation for the Bungay 20k. I had considered the Black Dog marathon after failing to get a ballot place for VLM, but then was offered a charity gold bond place. Bungay is that wee bit further away for me and unfortunately I can't make the 21st. But I certainly would like to try one of their races sometime; maybe the marathon next year.

    Are you racing the Valentines 10k yourself?

    Thanks again.

  • yep i certainly am.... try to do at least one race alternate weeks did G Bently half yesterday twas a good run.

    maybe you should just try sunday and see how you do, i`m sure you will not finish last and it will get you into the race-buzz mode! 

  • Hi,

    Not heard of the G Bently half; whereabouts was that held?

    Yes, it's the race buzz I'm worried about! If there are any problems tomorrow then I wouldn't want to risk any injury and I know that planning just to take it easy won't work; I'm too competitive and I'll get carried away with all the adrenalin. But I'm hopeful that everything will be fine and I'll be there on Sunday.

  • oh you are adrenaline junkie then?

    hope your run goes okay today so you can continue to train for that big one thats a serious adrenaline rush... you will love it!

    G Bently is near Colchester twas a bit of a drive for me to travel but well worth it 

  • Acceleration run went fine, thanks. Just waiting to hear from the charity team coach for the thumbs-up, but can't see any reason why I shouldn't be there on Sunday.  image

  • excellent stuff. well you have a good run and enjoy!
  • Well, I won't be racing after all. My coach says it would be more beneficial to start getting some long runs under my belt again, and having missed 4 and there only being 10 weeks to the big day, I guess it makes sense. I hope you enjoy Sunday. I have entered the Broadland Half, so I should get to run at least one race before VLM.
  • well good luck with your adventure i`m sure you will do really well
  • Thanks. Just finished my first reps after the injury and feeling fine, so things are looking good. Looking forward to a nice long run at the weekend. Good luck for Sunday.

  • you will be fine just remember that competitive spirit........

    should be a good run on sunday nice and easy training run ready for next weeks longer one then it will be the Kilomathon!! getting excited about that one now, just need to stay injury free for another three weeks    image

  • Crikey, you are going to be busy! Kilomathon looks good. All the best for your races.

    I've got the morning off work, relaxing at home; but the ironing is calling to me...

  • oh no not the ironing!!

    as you have a long run at the weekend best its relaxing that you need! i`m working from home but have doggie eyes looking like they need a walk! keep trying to ignore them but it just ain`t working!!

    keep those feet up my girl!image  

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