Name change - Not happy about it!

In my absence from being "Caz" someone has half hinched it and now I'm "Caz."

The culprit will be hunted down at shot at Dawn!

I ask all my forums friends to please hunt out the... the... thief!


  • [immediately puts nose to the trail to sniff out the imnposter]
    PS caz - am bit confused... you are Caz.. and they are?
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    it wasn't me
  • And you don't post in the day.......???

  • Just a nobody, how dare they try such a stunt! PAH!

    The is only one Caz and that'll be me. Me, Caz the orignal, ignore pale immitations! :)
  • I'm at lunch so it's ok.
  • Caz... I have the same problem

  • I assume its the little dot thing that makes the difference - subtle that!
  • She means that she went away from being Caz for a while, someone else nicked Caz so now she's got to be Caz. - I think.

    (Dr Nic gets out surgery scalpel and accompanies Badger on a hunt for the culprit.) I need someone to practice vasectomies on.
  • Yep, while I had the extra bit added on the end someone's whipped in there and nicked it and I couldn't save myself as Caz and now it looks like I'm married to Jon.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    i thought you were married to Mr.L?
  • Will keep my eyes peeled Caz. Can't have anybody going round trying to impersonate you now can we.
  • It could be worse Caz.
    Actually, I'm not sure it could - married to Jon?! Nasty.
  • No could get me into trouble with Mr L!

    Still with Mr L Jose!
  • Oh dear, that is bad news.
  • wotcha greeny.
    wotcha badger.
    have you got the sand out of your bits yet?
  • What is FF, about Mr L or the name stealing?

    Caz(.) can't you hunt them down via the search facility? Maybe not.
  • Yeah, married to Jon. Jesus!

    I'd have to have a gas mask premanently strapped to my face and a bathroom with no window in it.
  • How could anyone replace Caz?
  • Helloooo TD!!

    I always have sand in me bits - kinda got used to it now.
  • Ah-ha, good do. Oh well that's another task for this evening.
  • I'm not that bad am I?
  • TwoDogs!
    I made a complimentary comment about your legs on Greeny's thread - did you not see it?!!

    Caz... I see (the .)

    [runs off with Dr Nic, with poetry as their secret weapon to track down the fiend]
  • They can't Iain, she's irreplaceable.
  • Jon mate, I hate to tell you... YOU STINK!

  • I didn't see it Badge...will go and look tho! The only comment I normally get about my legs is "ooh..aren't they short".
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    it could be worse
  • LDB - I made a complimentary comment about your thighs on my thread!
    They were lovely!!
  • How Jose? What can be worse than losing your identity? (Apart from obviuos things, your life, your loved ones, your bottle of wine, bar of chocolate etc.)
  • Caz, what I want to know is why did you decide not to carry on with what you were called yesterday? Hope all is well in Love Town (TM). I hate a sad ending.
  • Don't look at it as losing your identity, look on it as gaining a spurious piece of punctuation.
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