'trotting' in Edinburgh

I have entered the Loch Ness marathon in an inexplicable fit of madness. I am a total novice - able to sustain about 20 mins at 6mph. Is there anyone out there who can train with me?


  • Hi there K
    When is the Loch Ness marathon?
    I'm training for the Edinburgh one - I'll be plodding at the back - so might be up for some runs afterwards
  • Hi

    its at the end of September....I was going to do the Edinburgh - but didn't get organised soon enough and would have failed horribly!....I intend to finish the Loch Ness - but no recrds will be set (except for the slowest possibly!)
  • Do you have a training programme?
  • Hi JP

    I have just completed a programme to gett myself comfortably running for half an hour (this was a real standing start!)...I am now looking at various plans based on getting around rather than speed. You sound very experienced - Do you have any advice (other than don't so it - that one I get from myself!)

  • I've only run 1 marathon, the FLM last month, but had a half-marathon ability base to start from.

    No particular advice except to religiously follow the 'get you round' schedule and certainly don't miss any of the long runs off.

    The Loch Ness is a tough one as I'm sure you know. Is there not a flatter on ea round the same time?

    Anyway, you can do it but make sure you do the long runs. Good luck!
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