Friday 15th january

was playing this last night, it still makes me laugh...

Some more good training going on despite the elements, Toms long run particularly stood out, less so his powers of deduction!
Braved the pavements last night at home. Big mistake, still full of ice, compacted snow, slush and piles of shovelled snow. Chanced it with the cars on the clear roads at stages. Still did the 6 miles in a satisfactory 45 minutes.
Today - 6 miles easy
Why - recovery plus lsr tomorrow am
Last rest - Wednesday
Last hard - negotiating snow barriers yesterday

Enjoy the crunchies (having a double decker myself, philistine that I am)


  • morning all.

    LOL Tom!  

    Down to occasional patches of slush now;  obviously there are cold patchs.

    What: 4.5 miles very easy
    Why: i miscalculated and intended to do 5.5 but my brain obviously wasn't awake
    Last hard: hmmm
    Last rest: 7 Jan

    Madness to miscalculate a run by a mile.  Never mind.  I'll just have to make it up another day! 

    I will be trying to resist the crunchie (and the doubledecker and anything else containing chocolate) today.


  • Morning.

    Yesterdays lyrics - Obsession, recorded by a variety of artists.

    Glad to hear the sleep worked DD, don't do too much now.

    Postie - change your running or your shifts?

    What:        probably a little turbo possibly a rest.
    Why:          sometimes I'm not sure.
    Last rest:   last year.
    Last hard:  last year.

    Lyrics - ringing distant bells but I can't honestly say yes.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭

    Not a lot to report so....

    What: nothing
    Why: rest day
    Last hard: Wednesday
    Last rest: Friday last
  • Morning

    What: 4.5 easy miles from London EC1 to Stratford, train from Stratford to Ebbsfleet, 4.5 miles run home.

    Why: It was either go for a run or for a beer after work – I chose the run – my heart and lungs thanked me for it but my workmates (and my knees) think I’m an idiot.

    Last hard: 5 days (Sunday)

    Last rest: 2 days (Wednesday)

    Best wishes and good luck to any one going up against the clock over the weekend.  
  • Good morning Folks,

    Tom: Nice long run yesterday, especially given the conditions.

    What: 10M at MP

    Why: last long run before Dubai mara

    Last hard: Yesterday tempo

    Last rest: Wed 13th 

    Set off today later than planned and it was quite hot by the time we finished (@22 celcius)  Also legs quite tired from tempo run last night so last 3 miles found hard. Followed my running partner and found a really good new route mostly on sand on a new reclaimed land project. It will be great for training on until the building starts!

    I might have a kitkat later, enjoy the crunchiesimage

  • What: 70 mins of spin d&d
    Why: chilling on my CRUNCHIE day
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: 23rd November 2009
    Lyrics: no
    Last Crunchie: 9.34
  • TT: glad you enjoyed your swimming lesson. If I ever get bored of running I may think about tris.

    Paddy: hope you feel better today

    Tom: LOL Holmes image. Nice effort for you yesterday. What's your marathon goal?

    Dustin: you are speedy. If I see a lightning bolt somewhere between Cannon St & Canary Wharf I'll know it's you

    What: 11.4 miles earlier - thrilled to report that with the disappearance of snow & arctic temperatures a little speed seems to have come back into my legs.
    Why: working towards a 60+ mile week
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: 4/1
    Lyrics: no idea

    Have a good weekend!  Off to buy some Maltesers now.

  • Forgot to say: there were various runners out there today in just shorts and a vest!  And I thought I was brave abandoning my beanie & fleece ...  I'm clearly still a wimp.
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Morning folks.

    Sounds like you're progressing quite nicely Tom.

    Any better today Paddy?

    What: nothing am (study) / tempo pm (hopefully track) / core pm.
    Why: Friday.
    Last hard: Wednesday.
    Last rest: Thursday 7th.
    Lyrics: No.

    Have a great day all!

  • Hi All

    Not a lot going on here today, feeling about 95% so  vast improvement on late.

    What: Nothing
    Why: Taper / rest day
    Last Hard: Wednesday
    Last Rest: Today

    Lyrics: Nope

  • Hail Hail

    Not my normal thread, but noticed the lyrics and couldnt help myself - top class  Dustin!

  • Highly under-rated lyricist in my humble. Probably a bit obscure for most people though Dustin.

    However as they're written by an ex's ex best mate I have no excuse...
    too many exs. Sigh. Happy days.

    he just chuckles and smiles
    and laughs like a madman
    ladies and gentlemen
    I give you...

  • What: Sad
    Why: Just cancelled my London landline. And then Dustin's lyric choice sent me hurtling into my lost youth.


    Perhaps I will feel better by Sunday with a bit of track action...
    No fool like an old fool.

  • Afternoon

    very nice long run tom

    sandrunner- well done on the run, just take it easy... 2 hard days in a row in the taper is pretty brave/ crazy!!

    Chickadee - that's a good mileage. I'm getting more wimpy, deciding on trackie bottoms today unusually... My legs have been a bit slow to warm up recently is the excuse I'm using!!

    Graham- well done choosing the run over the beer, I need that sort of strength!

    What: 3.8 miles d&d am/ exam pm/ 30 mins pm / ?crunchie pm
    why: keeping head fresh for exam and body fresh for possible xc race tomorrow
    last hard: doing some hard procrastination as we speak
    last rest: Wednesday
    lyrics: nope

    have a great Friday/ crunchie!

  • A'noon peeps.

    What: 4M and legs were heavy this morning.

    Why: Habit.

    On my way to work, 7am, saw a runner out in T-Shirt and Shorts !

    Lyrics :Nope.

    Have  a good one.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Chicka - not really speedy, but I'll take the compliment!
    have to say I'm short sleeves and shorts, its actually quite mild out there.

    What update : Well it started very promising, first two runners greeted me with a cheery hello, but then the glums and blankers rattled in 7 without reply between Westminster and Blackfriars. A solitary nod and smile at the 'wobbly' bridge just a mere consolation. 3-7 defeat today. Still an approx 27% approval rating would have ranked in the top quartile (I reckon) in 2009.

    Glad these lyric bring back a few memories. Saw them a few times in the days of yore. Remember seeing them at the "venue" (?) in New Cross, then drinking with them in the bar afterwards...
  • Afternoon all,

    Not being around for a while - usual head problems, but fitted a brand-spanking, free, new motor to the treddy yesterday so decided to get back in business.  Need to re-think the 2010 objectives now though.  Seems quiet here, although it looks like Tom's getting on with it.

    • What: 4m
    • Why:  yet another come-back
    • Last Hard:  Life
    • Last Rest:  14/1

    Have a good one!

  • Great Lyrics - great spotty album cover...Nicholas 'Van whatshisface' et all. Midnight on the Murder mile fave track.

    Saw them at Manchester Academy in 1992 - it was recorded live for BBC1 and my mate started the 'Philip Schofield is a 'merchant banker' chant! great times.

    Next race - Chiltern League xc tomorrow..(which had better be on!!)

  • Dustin - Sometimes i get more kicks out of the Lyrics posted on here than anything else - great memories come flooding back. Todays are a real favourite of mine. Used to think i had a lot in common with the longer (original) name of the artist, but unfortunately notimage. Maybe change the three letter word to "running" instead - that'll have to do!. Brill music - i've actually lost my copy of this. I must search until i find a replacement. Saw them live once in Nottingham Rock City - Class act.

    Tipp, chick - felt much better last nite and had a great session - 4 by 3k in an overall 11 mile on the TM. Maybe too much with race on Sunday but trying to focus more on 10 miler in two weeks time. 

    Its amazing - no matter how many times you hear the advice (and give it) its hard to follow - taking a day or two off when you feel too tired to train works. Tuesday tried to train gave up half way through. Took Wednesday off - didnt achieve what i wanted to in the week but felt great after the day off. Better a reduced week than a lay off for a longer period.

    6 miles recovery later

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    dont know the lyrics but I have t o say surely only Ian Drury....

    mava I had complete opposite run to you last night, I went gym and was looking at people plodding on the treadmill,thought, stuff that so I donned hat and hi vis jackety and headed out onto the road, gramin died didn't it!! So before it conked right out I though do a loop measure it then do however many you need for 4 miles.  1st loop took 8.5 - 9 mins, not too sure, I guessed it was .8 mile (signal rubbish too) so I did 5 and added a bit.  I measured it on fetch today and it was .97 a loop!! So what I hoped was 4 was actually 5 and I had no concept of that because I suppose I was getting giddy going round in circles!! Ha ha well made me laugh....

    what: 5 easy later

    why: schedule to be done

    last hard: dodging ice and running in the road last night 

    last easy: wed

    take it easy and have lovely weekends all

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Back again;

    Todays the first time ever I've googled for the lyrics as I was so intrigued by the affection the artist engendered that just had to know! Brilliant lyrics.
  • Evening,

    Not been on here for what feels like ages!  Glad everyone seems to have survived the snow & freezing conditions.  My gas boiler started making funny noises a few days ago and it turned out that the main house drainpipe that the boiler drain pipe feeds into was frozen - water was backing up into the boiler, but I caught it just in time!  Sorting that out made me run up and down stairs faster than I've run anywhere else for a long time!

    What: 5.5M tempo
    Why: not been out for a couple of days
    Last hard: today
    Last rest: yesterday

    Today's run was basically 2 fairly well used B roads (clear and fine to run on) linked by a single-track country lane.  The latter was rather like running through a Slush Puppie!

  • Afternoon all,

    AF good to see you.  I was beginning to fret about your absence.

    DD glad to see you are feeling better.  Now don't go and spoil things.

    Both of you (and others that I don't have e-mail addresses for), if you want to come along to Run for Phil, the information sheet and entry form is now available at the sailing club website

    Run for Phil info is in a pretty green box on the right hand side, right in the middle of things, as it should be.

    Me?  Should have been a run day, but was feeling rough, so didn't. 

    Before any of you wag fingers at me, yes, appointment is made to see the massage artiste on Monday. Legs quaking in advance.  No word yet re VLM, but decision should be imminent.

  • I either have completely different taste of music from you all or don't listen to lyrics in songs as I rarely get them.  I will have my revenge if I ever get out of bed early enough.

    Stickless - I'll be in the usa that weekend unfortunately.

    Tom - I always think training is at the right level when you look forward to your days off but on your day off you can't wait to get stuck in the next day.

    What:  a.m. 3m easy; p.m. 11.5m w / drill, strides and 5 * 1200m @ 5k pace with 400 jog rec.

    Why:  VO2 max phase.  Legs have no zip in them but the aerobic engine is fairly strong for me which is okay for January.

  • evening

    I googled the lyrics and I'm still none the wiser.

    sharkie - are you moving from London?  Good to see you.

    Add around 4 miles walking to my total today.  Had to go to a meeting somewhere.  Colleagues drove back to the office and I walked.  I got there before they did. 

  • evening - quick post

    Wed: blank
    Thu: blank, too much ice/snow in semi-thawed state

    today: 5 miles, 4 x 1 in a bit faster than intended Sunday race pace , 1/3rd mile jog recoveries
    why: Just 1 outing since Sunday & it seems legs, lungs have forgotten what 6:30-odd pace feels like. Also, breaking in new pair of Saucony Fastwitches

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