Thunder Run 2010

I'm running the Thunder Run this year with 7 other "lucky" club mates from the Whitchurch Whippets, is anyone else out there also running?

 If so it'd be nice to hear from you and your thoughts on the event and i'll see you on 31st July. image



  • Hiya Dean, Im doing the run this year too with 7 RW friends... its sounds like its going to be ACE, spoken to the race organiser a couple of times pre places becoming available and from his descripton and enthusiam I cant wait til August!! image
  • Yes, i am quite interested in this event as well. My goal for this year is a 100mile ultra so i would do this as a solo and try and do 16 or 17 laps so would be going slow and eating lots. So many ultras out there at the moment it is difficult to know which to choose.
  • My OH is doing a solo entry too, hes previously done IM but thought that this would be a totally different challenge altogether, and as always food nutrition is the main topic of discussion in my home too image

  • Going for a solo effort is VERY impressive, i've got a lot of respect for anyone capable of that!!!
  • Hiya,

    I'm trying to organise a team at work. A couple of people have fallen out so we may need to reduce to a 5-person team although I'm hoping we'll be 8!


  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    I`m part of a team of five image Looking forward to it..

  • D2D - i'm sure if you wanted to do the run there would be a team willing to have you and congratulations on your newfound speed over distance!!!
  • I'm doing this as a pair. Somewhat intimidated!!
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