Improving tips for 10k - 10m

Hi everyone,

I would like to extend my distances from 10k to 10m - any hints on how to do this without nearly expiring? I currently manage 10k in around 67 minutes, and I am quite happy to remain at about 10 minute mile speed for now. I am not averse to taking walking breaks if needed, but I am aiming to reduce these with time/experience.

Anyway, back to my question - there is a 10 miler I would really like to do at Ripley, November 3rd. Is it unrealistic to increase by 4 miles in a couple of months?

Any ideas for training would be great - thanks.



  • Hi Go-Slow, no it isn't unrealistic, that's more than enough time as long as you've got a good base fitness. I went from my first 10k on 21st July to my first 10 miler (the Great South Run) on 8th September which I managed in 1:41:21 so we're about the same pace.

    I just gradually increased the time of my long run on Sundays by 10 minutes each week and concentrated on 2 speed/hill sessions of about 30 - 40 minutes during the week. The week prior to the 10 miler I ran 81/2 miles and felt as if I could run further so knew I was going to be OK. I also did cross-training at the gym twice a week to boost my strength.

    You'll probably receive lots of different advice (eg increase your mileage by 10% a week, increase the number of times you run each week etc etc) and I suggest you pick and choose the bits that suit you.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks Redhead,

    I will take that on board and get a plan into action! Got a 10k next sunday, so will plan from then (-giving myself a short rest as well..!)

  • Hi, Go-Slow.
    I've just been asked to work out a schedule for the same thing for one of my clients. The main sessions are the steady, fast run. the speed session and the long run. anything else is a bonus. I'll send the schedule to you by e-mail, just for your interest.
  • Thanks very much, I really appreciate it! Even if I don't do that race, there are plenty of others, so I do intend to get there - and beyond!


  • Dear Dangly Spice

    I am taking part in my first 10K on Sunday but am keen to increase this distance. Would you be kind enough to forward me that schedule also.
    Much appreciated.

  • It's on the way.
  • Received it - cheers very much.

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