Lump on Heel

Okay, I've tried a search for this and I can't find anything that seems the same. If there is, my apologies for being such a fool.

 After wearing some trail shoes in the ice for a few sessions,  which are quite tight, and with a rigid heel counter.

As a result of this idiocy I've developed a prominent lump on the back of my heel, slightly towards the outside of each foot. Googling this suggests "retrocalcaneal bursitis". The only qualms I have with this sketchy self diagnosis are that (a) they don't hurt much and (b) I don't know how to treat them.

Anybody experienced anything similar or know the best course of action?! image


  • Yeah, this sounds exactly like what I've got.  I originally thought i had a blister coming on, so tied my shoes a bit tighter.  This made it worse. 

     No idea what it is either, but it only hurts when wearing shoes - walking about in socks is like there's nothing wrong.  So i think that rules out bursitis?  Like youeelf mine doesn't actually hurt THAT much but it's still pretty off putting when it won't go away

     I've taken a week of from my London Marathon training and haven't noticed that much improvement, also tried ice, ultrasound machine and ibuprofen gel.  No joy!

    Any progress with your recovery?

  • Does this sound familiar?
  • That makes a lot of sense, Slugsta. Still got the same problem. They're not painful enough to interfere with my training much, but they can ache randomly, and I was concerned about them becoming a problem further down the line...
  • SlowEngineer,

    Generally if it does not hurt - don't bother (for this particular case).

    Many of the runners I treat have very prominent thickenings in this area- it has to do with tension over the attachment of the tendon to bone which leads to an increase in bone growth. It may ache or cause some discomfort - in such cases we use a lot of ICE and moderation of training.

    It may cause a bit of rubbing leading to redness or blisters - best treated again initially with ice if red and plasters (Compeed - great!) if blistering. If it does become a problem get it checked out by your physio.

    Hope this helps

    Keep Going!


  • Take extra care when selecting shoes to try and ensure they don't put too  much pressure over the achilles insertion.
  • Thanks very much Slugsta,

    That sounds pretty much spot on.  There's definitley thickening on both heels, not just the sore one.  There always has been, which fits in with the 'hereditary' angle on that website.

    I reckon the flare up was caused by not properly breaking in a new pair of shoes thoroughly enough before training hard, and on hills.  They're the same shoes i always use so thought i didn't need to break them in much.  Wrong!  Five day's rest and lots of stamping on the heels of my new shoes to soften them up seems to have done the trick.

    Much appreciated folks, thanks again.


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