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Good article.  I need to get back into the running but have just not been able to due to all the 'stuff' going on in my life. 

Good advice and common sense.  I advocate the Cadence Revolution-which is a free podcast from the US.  The music is for spinning but you get the warm up...constant steady beat for a good run...and 10 minutes of warm down.  Try it-its great!



  • Thanks for this. As a new runner it has inspired me and given plenty of tips - namely to enjoy running and not fret about the technicalities too much at this time.  I'm just starting to enjoy it - its tough, but will be worth it in the long run

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  • Thanks for this - never heard of stretching after the run.  

    I've just started and am quite enjoying it -  up to a  fairly slow 3 miles - but an hours later and my calf muscles are quite painful.   My son commented that I seem 30 years older after my running as I slowly creep up the stairs.

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  • I have been out of running for a few months now, due to an injury, and am slowly working my way back up. Not sure what the reason for my injury was, though it started on the day that I got new trainers. I went to the physio and they say I have a muscle imbalance in my legs. I think it would be best if I went to a running shop that could help me with my running needs. However, I live near Chelmsford in Essex and am not sure if there is a shop near me?
  • Good article.  One thing beginners need to know is that their body will adapt to jogging/running.  The body adapts to everything that it is thrown at it.  Consider that if you sit in a chair all day every day then there are no physical demands on the heart, lungs or muscles.  Take that body out and ask it to jog five miles and it is going to protest BIG style!  However, take it out and exercise sensibly (as per Runners World advice) and slowly increase the  mileage/time and before you know it your body will be adapting and changing.  For example your heart will be stronger as will all your muscles and connective tissues.  Your lungs will have increased their ability to provide your body with oxygen and you won't be feeling so out of puff.

    All in all, walking and running are perfectly natural and our body has evolved to do it in the most efficient way.  Enjoy it!

    Another thing I tell my clients:  To start with you are going to feel the effects of asking your body to do something different.  Take it easy and give your lungs and heart the time to 'hand-shake' with each other and work with each other.  If you start out too hard your heart is going to demand more oxygen than your lungs can provide and you will feel breathless and aware that your heart is banging round your chest like a Guns n Roses drummer!  Slow down (walk) wait until you can speak in paragraphs and then gently up the pace until you can speak in sentences.  This is where you want to be.  Your heart and lungs start working together and you will stop feeling concerned that you are not doing it right and will start to enjoy it.

    ps:  It's also normal to sweat!  Nike do a great range of dri-fit clothing to make running more comfortable and less noticeable.

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  •    I wish i had joined this site a week ago... ive just started running again at 43 years old and went off like a rocket!! lol... i ran 5 miles in 45 minits and boy am i paying the price. now i have read the help on here it makes so much sence not to go hammer and tongue at it... i need to be ready for a half marathon on june 13th... am i going to be pushing myself for that or is it quite do,able...anyway thanks for the posts they have helped.
  • This was a big help to me, I am a first time runner and my weight is just under 17st so slow and steady is key for me, I do time myself and see how far each run takes me, this is a great way to see if I am increasing or decreasing, three weeks in i have done my 1st mile in under 12mins, that was my first goal, the next is the 2nd mile, I am too training for next years half marathon in Bath.

    this web site has been the best all rounder runners guide, thanks and well done.

  • Good article. I'm 34 and have decided to get back into shape (was I ever in shape?) after subjecting my body to 17 years of alcohol and tobacco abuse.

    I've been off the nicotine for 3 months and am almost able to run a 1/2 mile without stopping. I'm realistic and the advice on here helps with that. 



  • good advise thank you
  • Read this article a couple of weeks after starting running for the first time in a very very long time, dont feel so bad at having to stop and walk so much now. IDspite knowing about stetching from my days lifting weights I still have a habit of skipping it and enerally feel it when starting my runs, stiff tendons and muscles do not like the sudden activity.

    Only point I would pick up on is the heart attack advice, if you get the symptons of a heart attack which in addition can include severe pain in the middle of the chest along with the high temperature then call an ambulance immediately not your doctor. The hospitals really do prefer it that you waste their time and be wrong than to lay some where having a heart attack because you didnt know for sure if you should call them.  Speed is key in treating it!

  • Just starting running again in late April of this year , I'm 41 and have been promising myself that I get out and do a bit more , I already coach a mini football side and enjoy it alot . I used to run quite regularly in my school and teen days , and gave up playing football myself when the kids were born nearly 13 years ago , but now they are starting to grow up , I felt the urge again to get out on the road , plus watching the London Marathon , Great North Run etc on TV , starting to inspire me and when my partners mother passed away in March '09 , the motvation was there to do it for the charity hospice that looked after her , although it took another 12 months approx to get me back into it . I been steadily getting quicker over the same 3.34 mile course that I've got mapped out Google Earth , down to 7 min 50 secs a mile at the moment and when I plateau , I'll increase the mileage , is that the correct way doing it ? I've been lucky enough to get into the ballot for the London Marathon next April [125000 applied for approx 36000 places , fingers crossed] but to get a guaranteed place with the big charities , it's £100 up front and a minimum sponsorship of £2000 , a tad out of my range I think , any better way of getting in . I want get upto the standard where I feel comfortable within myself and will try and use the advice/training programmes from this website , whats the best one to go for ?
  • started 8 week beginners program, got to week three an struggled to jog for 3 mins off 1 min rest, so went back to week 2, sorely disapointed!! would it be ok to try again to jog 3 mins but off 2 mins rest for a week?? i am an absolute beginner,also suffering with extremly tight calfs even tho i am warming up for 10 mins and doing stretches before and after. please guide me through this with advice, all gratefully appreciated.
  • 4 weeks in, after 25 years of pen pushing and heavy smoking I have shed 2 stone and feel almost ready for my first 5K race which I will be booking today and runing in July.

    I was inspired to take this first step (pun intended) in reclaiming both my body and my identity after a devastatingly shocking and unexpected change in my life. 

    I am far from a 'natural' runner and have struggled with the aerobic side but am really enjoying it, benefiting from the advice of articles like this one and have lurked in the forum soaking up all the encouragement on offer to us beginners.

    I wish everyone posting here the very best of luck (including me) and would like to thank all those who have been in our position (sometimes many years ago) who find the time and patience to help us on our way.

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  • ive only started back running a few weeks used to run years ago how many months would it take before i could race in the l marathon or am i just kidding my self
  • I left the army 2 years ago and havent done any cv exercise since. Im a lorry driver by trade now so i always said i never wanted the typical sterotypical body of a lorry driver. I have been putting on weight recently so i decided i would start running again as its in my opinion in this modern age it is compleatly underated compared to all the modern fitness idears of today.And all is costs is the price of a pair of trainers. Went for my first run yesterday after 2 years and thought id test the waters. Ran 6 miles fairly slow ill admit but still pretty impressed with myself. If im going to give advice it will be just make sure you give the stretches the same effort you give your run.Yourbody will thank you. Looking forward to running again now and hopefully soon be entering some comps. Goodluck people and as long as your enjoying it your doing things right.
  • If you have to take a little longer on a program that it says, don't fret. These are guides only. Also if you struggle with 3mins jogging and can manage 2mins then try 2.5 mins jogging or 2mins 15secs, whatever you can manage. I'm only a beginner myself but found breaking down things into really small pieces has helped. wish I could take more of my adviceimage
  • Being realistic with your abilities and adding variety to your training session whatever your level can help improve performance and more importantly for beginners shape and muscle tone.

    Full article:

    Enjoy and achieve your full potentail!!!!

  • i am due to run the birmingahm half marathon which my manager at work roped me into. i have a baby due in the first week of april the marathon is not till october i think i have never run before. well when i was younger. how should i go about this what? training, eating? please help!
  • Has anyone experienced pain in shins when trying to start running again?

    tips on how to push yourself past the three mile barrier when in the past you have managed thirteen.

  • Thankyou to everyone on here. I am 47 and have embarked on the get fit journey. I have started to run and can manage just over a mile and im thrilled with that. I used to always walk a few miles with my dog. Yet running is so different. Unfortunately my dog doesnt want to run with me, I have to pull her...a retired good luck to everyone x
  • Hi Zena, I've been running for about 6 months (I'm a repeat beginner!) and I've had my ups and downs. I think what has spurred me on is forcing myself to do races so I've always got something to aim for. Have a look around and see what's going on in your area and just sign up to events. If you can already manage a mile, maybe see if there is a 5km you can do in a few months?

    I have a 4 year old lurcher and a collie - the collie is always miles ahead and the lurcher just plods behind me. It's good fun though image

    Good luck!

  • This article was a good read. I started running a few weeks ago, having not done any regular running for years. It was hard work the first two or three times, but even by run five I really noticed an improvement. Most importantly, I just enjoy being out in the fresh air and running through the fields and woodland.
  • Very good article, I'll take some of this input for my trainings...

    I've been using the resources I found in, quite interesting information also...

    I'm ready for my first half-marathon in 3 weeks!

  • Hi runners,

    Great article! I've been using some of this, but other parts are brand new for me!

    Another site I recommend is that brings very good input for runners!

    All the best to you, time for a morning 10k!

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  • Great article, but don't forget to have a look at for more information on getting started with running! "Start to run" is a Belgian running program which has helped thousands of people!

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