Local councils - help with a project



  • Good thing: They pay my wages

    Bad thing:The're not enough, but then I "sit around from 9 til 5 and when I leave at 5 I don't care about what I've done at work or how my actions or decisions have affected real people's lives"
  • Go-KLGo-KL ✭✭✭
    "Good" Thing: Spent a rumoured million pounds on a bridlepath crossing the A43 near Towcester.
    Bad Thing: haven't seen a horse or human use it in the two months it has been completed.
  • ooooooh I'd kill for a bridle path ! , we have a canal path / public footpath but the owner of a cottage which straddles the path has an issue about rights or way

    Flipping townies !
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