Looking for running clubs or groups in Surrey/Sussex

I am looking for a running group or club in Surrey/Sussex.  Need to kick start myself and looking for  a beginers group, before I conquer the world.  Any suggestions from anyone welcome.  Thank you


  • You'll have to give us a bit more than that to work with, Guy.  Surrey and Sussex cover a huge area and there are loads of running clubs.  Which town are you in?
  • Epsom and area but I don't mind travelling a bit...
  • ToucsToucs ✭✭✭

    The are a number of running clubs and groups in that area:

    Epsom Oddballs Running Club

    Epsom & Ewell Harriers

     Tadworth Running Club

    Dorking and Mole Valley AC

    Reigate Priory Running Club

    All the above are affiliated clubs, there is a non affiliated group of runners in Ahtead, called Ashtead Running Group funnily enough. 

    Dorking and Mole Valley have started beginners groups in the past, not sure if they still do them.

    The specialist running shop in Ashtead (Run to Live) start new beiginners groups this week.

    Hope this helps

  • I believe most, if not all, running clubs cater to the beginners as well. Just contact them (I mean the above suggestions!!) and they'll be happy to help I'm sure. Runners are usually friendly people - I think!!image
  • That is a tremendous response many thanks to all you who have reolied so quickly, that gives me a good running start (no pun intended  image )  I now have less excuses - drat!

     Thanks again


  • Hi all, new to this site,

    I am looking to join a running club in the South - tried one recently

    but didnt' feel it catered for beginners, will give it another try next week.

    It was great to be a potential member and hear about other runners experiences.

    Ive been running/jogging (im not a sprinter) for quite a few years and want

    to get better and go for a 5 or maybe 10k run, perhaps charity or marathon.

    I get to 2 minutes then my lungs pack up!..so it would be good to follow some

    kind of training programme, gain the encouragement/motivation from

    other runners, and more importantly, improve my fitness!

     Anyone else in the same situation..?

  • I am starting a Run England running group at St Johns, Woking, Surrey. This is a 'fun run' group, so not coaching but proper warm-up, varied runs, off-road, sociable, free. I aim to take mixed ability including beginners, and the social and encouragement aspect of running in a group is important. We are on the Run England web site and have a Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/StJohns.Run4Fun/

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