Sports Swaps

At the suggestion of other forumites (Twinkletoes) I've set up a new site to support the swapping/selling of unwanted or unused sports items.

The new version of the site has just gone live today and can be found at Happy Swapping!


  • Starkas - theres appears to be a category for Watch, and another for Watches

    Brill site, great idea btw!
  • When a new item is entered it will automatically populate the category and brand lists if they do not already have the item.

    I will be adding a drop down list for both category and brand onto the add item page.
  • Brilliant idea, Starkas. As soon as I get my kit sorted out I'm sure I'll be swapping like crazy.
  • I think most people have a few items that either weren't quite suited to them or didn't fit properly so hopefully we'll get some good items on.

    By the way I don't take any credit for the idea - that was Twinkletoes.
  • Starkas - don't suppose there's a section for knees, is there?
  • yes I could do with a new right knee this ones playing up a bit
  • Meerkat

    You can have my right knee if I can have your right foot!
  • Anyone got any kit they want to swap? Have a look at sports swaps .
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