• very sad.

    Some voices are inextricably linked to events and his scottish lilt increasing in pace and pitch as the try line approached would be one such match.

  • I missed him when he retired. Such a lovely voice and so unbiased. Hope they do a tribute to him when the 6 Nations starts.


  • Now that is sad, as Helen Liz says it's like motor racing without murray walker it's just not the same
  • they'll be singing his name from hawick to pontypridd, as bill might have said.


  • A lovely gentleman who will always be the voice of rugby for many.  A proud Scot but an unbiased commentator irrespective of who was playing whom.  He knew the game inside out and was very involved with schools and at grass roots level.

  • whenever i have a wee daydream about playing for scotland, he is always commentating in my head. 'and there's young mckiddie lumbering along like a JCB with a flat tyre' image
  • That's a lovely image, dude! image

    My favourite quote was when he was talking about Geoghan (sp?) and described him as "like a wild Irish pony"


  • Very sad to hear this. In my opinion the best commentator in any sport.

    He had the gift of speaking to new rugby viewers and old hands at the same time without confusing or patronising either.

  • "That ball's gone so high it'll have snow on it". strikes my fancy.

    Some more here

    It's interesting how many of them are animal related; demented giraffes, raging bulls, ferrets, trouts and weasels - and a perambulating lighthouse for good measure. That puts a smile on your face and an image in your head of a very large gentleman who maybe doesn't move too quickly, but not sure you'd ever say that to his face!

  • Bill lived the game and came from an time where money and celebrity were not what they are today. He was a heavyweight who really knew his subject and could educate his audience and commentate authoritively.
  • The 'greatest moments' piece on the Beeb site is wonderful
  • imageNo more "maisey, shilly shallying run", no more "digging like a demented mole"image
  • I shall forever remember him for his open adoration of Gavin ' they call him the lighthouse down in brechinacluddin' Hastings.

    His cheeful naivity was refreshing indeed ..... 'they'll be toasting ( insert name of latest scottish try-scorer) down in the clubhouse at machnethiclan this evening'..... no Bill, they won;t, they hate the flash little git as much as the rest of us.....

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭


    He was rugby for me.

  • Was lucky enough to meet Bill on a couple of occasions, he was an absolute gentleman and will be sadly missed. I've got one of his crib sheets that he used for his commentaries, you would not believe the amount of (handwritten) detail he had on their about each of the players, subs, coaches, refs, physios etc etc, he really knew his stuff.

    As others have said if ever you picture a passage of play in your head, it's him doing the commentary. Legend.

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