Your country needs you!!!

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Please, please, please, if you joined the challenge and haven't yet logged your miles, please do so.

I know that it's been very tough weather-wise and that has meant that a lot of people haven't been able to get out there as planned, but anything that you've done will count.

Please don't think either that you might not have done enough - I know some people think that you need to be churning out hundreds of miles each week for it to matter - but you don't.  I'm one of the lower mileage people, you'll find me down at the bottom of the list, but even my 5m here and 4m there help.

We've been doing really well, but lately, "they" have been catching up on us. 

As blat said

blat wrote (see)
Looks like at the rate we're going, we're going to be overtaken by the end of today image

So, if you did join this at the beginning of the month, but haven't logged your miles in yet, then please do so.  Unlike the Yanks (check out their threadimage), we're grateful for every mile logged and all the effort put in.

So, for Queen and country...image



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  • And if you don't have any miles to log why not try running a few. Honestly it's a blast you'll love it.
  • Yep, we need you guys. Every mile helps. If you haven't run, please log your '0's so we know where we're at.

    We could be over taken in the next 24 hours as the Yanks have really upped their game. 

    Muchas Gracias

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  • And againimage
  • If you haven't logged your miles, what you might not know is that the challenge is based on average miles per runner over the month.  So your miles really do count - no matter how small.  The more time goes on without miles being logged brings the average down more and more.  So come'll find the database link on page 1  here.  If you haven't done any then just put down 0.  It would be grim if we lost thinking that there were miles out there that just hadn't been logged. 

    image (friendly smiley face)

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    Every mile run adds 0.01 to our average, so the pleasure of entering your miles is seeing the average figure rise, and all because of you!!  image

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