Not Sure

Just done the Flora Womens Challenge, is this family run suitable for me?

Ps new to this site, not sure what a thread is?


  • Sarah,

    Go for it! The 4K is aimed at all ages and abilities as you'll see from the entry form on the web-site . Basically a fun run round the park to be enjoyed and give an incentive for everyone to take up running for health and fun.
  • Sarah,

    I did the 4K at Maidstone a couple of years ago and enjoyed it very much the whole atmosphere was great; as well as the more serious runners there were lots of people there just to have fun, my wife and my eldest son who was 5 ran the 2K. I am sure you would enjoy the day, hope you do it.
  • The good thing about a 4k is that if you have a bad run you can walk the last part and it doesn't take you all day - no risk, so go for it!
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