recording intervals with the 405

Hi everyone,

I need some advice on the best way of recording an interval session on the garmin405. This week I did 7 lots of 2min sprints up a hill then jog down as recovery.

I stopped the garmin at the end of each 2min sprint and didn't record the recovery bit. Is there a better way of recording intervals? Should i have let the timer continue during the recovery? Or maybe reset the timer and started a new session for each rep?

I now have 4km of results that i can't really make sense of. Is there a way of splitting them up into the individual reps? I want to know if I ran the same distance each time and what the speed was. I was too knackered at the time to notice whether I had reached the same lamp post on each rep!

Here's a link to my results page

PS why do I also get such a jumpy speed and altitude profile? They are so eratic!


  • It's all there on the Garmin Website.
  • Lardarse,

    I didn't use the interval function because I wasn't sure how long the recovery period was going to be. I did this in a group and we didn't time the recovery, just set off on the next rep once everyone had made it back to the start and caught their breath. Plus the initial plan was to do 6 reps but ended up doing 7. Once the session is set up, is there flexibility to make adjustments like the ones I mentioned? You don't have to answer! I'll have a look on the learning centre before I ask any more obvious bimbo questions!

    thanks for your help.
  • You could have started the timer (no preset intervals), then when you reached your way points pressed the lap button, instead of start/stop.

    Again, don't know about Garmin connect, but in sport Tracks you can see recorded laps, and customised laps.

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