White Horse Half Marathon

Hi, a bit of a plea here.  I thought I'd have plenty of time to enter the White Horse Half Marathon before it filled up as the race isn't until 11 April.  However, I have just been onton the website and it's full!!  I didn't realise it was that popular.  If anyone has an entry that they won't be able to use I'd gladly take it off your hands.  image

Thanks in hopful anticipation........


  • full already!! you're joking...I thought i'd be fine to get Wokingham run on 21st Feb and then decide!!

    naive me!

  • I signed up to all my 2010 races barr Jul/Aug/Nov/Dec well before last year expiredimage And I'm running this one, sorry Puffin1image already got my race pack!

  • Stevie G - I'm running Wokingham too and entered that back in November but thought I'd have more time to get my White Horse entry in, I'm sure I didn't enter until about February last year!!

    Runnaholic - don't rub it in!!

  • half marathons certainly seem to be popular at the moment!

    A pal is turning 21 on the day of this race and she thought doing the half would be a fitting celebration!

    It was that or run 21miles which is even sillier.

    She  got in about 3 months ago!

    i think you're guaranteed to find someone who will pull out through injury or something..so just keep this thread alive and you'll probably be ok.

    Also for me in case I decide i'm up for it and there's a 2nd pull out!!

  • Hi,

    Can I join the plea club too please? Just read some reviews of this half marathon and sounds ideal.....apart from the fact that I didn't enter in time!

    So, taking my place in the queue behind Puffin, does anyone have a place for this that they will not be using?

    Many thanks

    David (/forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif[/img]avidstack1@gmail.com]davidstack1@gmail.com)

  • Can I please be third in the queue if anyone pulls out as I tried to enter and was too late! Didn't realise how quickly races full up. Thanks
  • Sorry, guhs, I cant help you as I couldt get my place ether. I woant bother joing the qeue though as it looks long enugh alreedy
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