Blood pressure drop when exiting pool


Can anyone adivse me on how I can stop feeling faint when i exit the pool at end of swim going to T1.

I have only done one tri a tri and when i went to get out the pool, leapt out OK only to feel faint and had to sit in a heap for a minute or so before getting up and jog/walking out to T1.

It doesnot seem to happen when i just stop swimming and stand in water at shallow end, when doing my normal swimming.

I know it is something to do with blood pressure, not sure what to do.


  • In the last 20/25 metres or so make sure you are using your legs a lot .... do some fierce kicking

    This is a common problem with OW swimming in Tris so its prob a similar problem
  • Yep I have heard lots of leg kicking to stop the wobbles.image
  • Thanks for the advice i will give it a try.
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