• We'll never know though will we?

    Our friend from yesterday was a self-proclaimed expert as well... image

    He works in a shoe shop.image

  • No excuses required D2D, an excellent time.  Well done.

    A bit of a middle ground result in terms of the RW Forumites speculation.  Not fast enough to quite live up to what the training times indicated was possible, but fast enough to be a very good time, showing improvement from the recent 10K. 

    Maybe we should all start doing Long "Scheduled" Runs? image

  • *Awaits hail of abuse from Sub 17 runner who works part time in JJB in Coventry."
  • Think he's too busy insulting someones mum, JB!
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Shall we open the book on D2D's Milton Keynes half marathon time then?  image

    I've plugged her (unofficial) 5k time into McMillan and it's suggesting 1:39.  I'm gonna give her revolutionary training plan and penchant for longer distances the benefit of the doubt and suggest she could target sub-1:35.

    Artie - I'm sticking with my Long Scheduled Hangover today, but I've got a Long Steady Slowish Run Scheduled for tomorrow.

  • You can bet on people on Fetch, on nothing more than there predicted times/training log, so why not?
  • All meant in the best spirit D2D,

    Right off for marathon LSSSR 16m

  • First of all congratulations, bit better than I expected. Still a long way off sub 20 though...

    Secondly, it´s easy to be free from outside pressure: don´t make claims you fail to substanciate with results.
    Tbh, whether your training routes are correctly measured or not doesn´t matter for you, as you can still measure your progress on them.
    Whether your route is 6 miles or 6.5 miles doesn´t matter much in training effect either.

    It only starts to matter if you race your training routes and then insist that they are accurate when boasting about training route times.

    About converting this better than McMillan suggests to the half, I'm doubtful for a self-proclaimed marathon specialist that refers to 10 mile runs as ´long runs´. Sorry about that.

  • Flat Footed wrote (see)
    TNH was the nearest!!

    What do I win? image

    I still think thats a decent time 'cause I haven't beat 25m even in training.  image

  • good result D2D............but as i suggested yesterday I think it will take a few attempts for you to get used to the distance to get closer to the sub 20..............and yes we did suggest rest......I will be interested to see if you do next week..........

    have a good weekend

  • Well done D2D.  You put yourself under a lot of pressure, but we enjoyed the anticipation!  I even managed a 9-miler this morning!  Good luck for your next race.

    I want to know what JM thinks!  image

  • No excuses necessary D2D. You did really well and with better preparation and knowledge next week, and future weeks, you could do even better.

    Eagerly awaiting JM's response.. he is probably sending you flowers and a dinner invite right now. image He still needs to reveal himself to the forum and his own race times etc...

    You did well, under lots of pressure too..
  • Well done D2D, not easy running on a difficult surface and near freezing conditions.

    Maybe not as you expected, but better than most thought you'd achieve.

    Same again next week, lets hope for better and warmer weather image
  • 21:30 and first lady - that's a fantastic result D2D, well done!! Couldn't have been easy after all the forum pressure either image Enjoy the rest of the weekend. 
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Hat's off to you - I under estimated your capability. That's a good first time effort for 5K.

    Candy O wrote:
    provided "older" doesn't mean "pensioner". Although how sensible it would be to sacrifice much of "having a life" just to do a quick 5k is up to the conscience of the gentleman in question..."

    My first attempt at a timed 5k race was 20:10, four days before my 60th birthday. That was done off a total of 260 miles steady running over a period of 7 weeks., after year out with a torn cartledge. Three weeks later I ran 19:18. By top V60s standards its not particularly remarkable - but I think the speed of improvement should give D2D some encouragement for further improvement.

    Incidentally the reason I posted this is because I was a bit needled by that "having a life" remark image
  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭
    Well done D2D - I was impressed when I saw you run off into the distance this morning. Great time, especially given the inclines and ice. I look forward to some good battles with you in future MK Parkruns when I get some fitness back image

  • Well done D2D - I'd be happy with that time.

    I avoid short races as I don't like the discomfort.  Never raced 5k and my 10k pb is around 44mins, even though my HM and M times are under 1:31 and 3:16 respectively. 

    Maybe you've found you're best distance?

    Good luck with your progress.

  • Well done image

    I'm all muddy after a 16km off road so it's a rest for all concerned this afternoon - Off to go shopping image

  • Jokermans not posted because he's been out buying some new kit....

  • JM is still travelling home after travelling the length of the country to watch D2D run in person............if only you knew that he was secretly watching you D2D.......

    he was in perfect disguise as henry the mild mannered janitorimage

  • ... with tears in his eyes as D2D crossed the line "ahh, that's my lass".
  • Whats the score with comparing mens and womens times?? How much faster should a bloke be then?? image

    Very well done on 1st woman D2D but not mega impressed with the time if i'm honest, sub 20 would be a different story though. Good luck for next week!! image

  • Oops sorry Tom, no need to be needled though - my "having a life" comment was based on my assumption of 100 mile weeks. As yours were 35 mile weeks - plenty of room in there for a life, too!

    Right I'm going to lie down. Just had a decidedly D2D-esque moment by trying to show off on a ski run. Packed snow can hurt if you catapult yourself head first into it. I think I've cracked a rib.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    There were 762 females under 20:00 for 5k in 2009 - so plenty of incentive there I think


    JM sends D2D secret messages of lurve and they plan to run away together at a LSSR pace, without even being out of breath  image image image

    ahhh..  true love at its best...

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