• Well done on your first place d2d - decent time there too - sub 20 by the end of the season maybe ?
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    D2D - do you use Safari as your browser? I was under the impression (wrongly?) that I couldn't do all this WYSIWYG stuff without using imbedded commands and couldn't upload piccies on to the thread with I missing something?

    The only facility I seem to be able to use is the edit function to remove all the rude bits.

    Edited for rude bits
  • Well done D2D!  You've gotta be pleased with 21:30 & 1st lady image

    I got round Newcastle in the super slow time of 24:55, my only comfort is that everyones times were well down due to the 2.5 inches of snow on the ground!  It was more like running cross country than a road race - not least because you couldnt distinguish the paths from the moor.

    2nd lady too so not that unhappy image

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    11 year old girls running sub 20 for 5k........I think my talents must lie elsewhereimage
  • if you look at the results d2Dthey give you a age you can compare yourselve..........your much higher than me but lower % than my son and OH and neither of them are very fast runners.middle of the pack I think of them as neither are natural you need to put some work in to raise the %.

    just one point...........what is your focus for the next few it a fast 5K time or half marathon or marathon time...........if you want to break records then you need to know what your main focus for one can help the other times but if you want to have  a really good time in any of those races then you need to train towards that and not spend so much time on the other distances

    Only you knows what you thinbk is most important over the next few months..............

  • the odd 5k races will help your marathon training probably D2D.and I'm sure you will get quicker............but maybe after the marathon you can then concentrate on really getting your 5K right down.

    definitely carry on doing them as they are great fun and a chance to meet other runners...........

    anyway i'm off the forum for a week so take care

  • Well done D2D

    I admire you for stating a time and going for it

  • Mr. Puffy wrote (see)

    D2D  would you like to have a bit of fun? 

    My PB is 3:46 down from 3:57 targetting my training, following a proper schedule and listening to people who are more experienced than I am.

    I bet you £20 for a charity of your/my  choice  that on 25th April, my approach will show a bigger improvement in my time than your "inner runner" approach will to yours. 

    No needle, no flouncing, just good natured competition, what about it?

    Hang on Katy... I didn't bet you wouldn't go under 3:30, I bet that I will knock a bigger chunk off my pb than you will.  I don't think either of us will go 3:30. 

    Well done today, a win's a win, you must be feeling good. I've only ever been 4th Lady.

  • Devoted2Distance wrote (see)

    PS it kind of freaks me out when you call me Katy.

    I don't know why.

    No one else does on here.

    Cue the entire RW forum community starting to call you "Katy", Katy.

    Well done today image

  • Oh all right. Being as you asked so nicely 'n' all.

    You're having Basil Brush on your tea? Cruelty to foxes, shurely? image

  • Well the last thing I would want to do is freak you out, man, but I actually think you put your name up yourself, perhaps when you were the Next Great Milestone?   And if you post your races and times the way you do, you are making that information available to quite literally any person in the world with an internet connection

    And you can hardly complain about people using your name when you put photos of yourself on here-not just running photos- and make it bloody obvious where you live and run.

    I tried to go back and edit it out of courtesy but it's too late now.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭


    Can I keep you calling you D2D? Katy doesn't sound right.



  • Well as Basil is calling Katy/D2D/TNGM Shirley and Shirley/Katy/D2D/TNGM is eating Basil for dinner, i'm sure you can call her what you like Phil/Philis...I think
  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
    Well done D2D ... 21:30 is very good image... along way from sub-20 (and I still think your mapmyrun distances are way out) but still a good time. My PB is 21:25 ... I feel sub-20 is a long way off for me.
  • OK, Katy it is! The best way to get people to do something in a chat room like this, is to tell them not to!

    Can't you run with a garmin GPS? Your "guessed distance" boasts and "map my run distance" boasts have both been proved wrong. GPS boasts would be fine - had you boasted about a 21 minute 5k rather than a sub 20 5k, it would have been perfectly defendable.

    AND you could see how you were improving, and tailor your training. For the mileage you do, you should be going under a 3 hour marathon. No need for a schedule, but better feedback data might be useful!
  • Well done D2D, that's a good time.  My first 5k was a little faster than that, and I did go on to sub-20 4 times.  So keep going.  I do still think your training routes are not accurate though.
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭

    May I suggest that D2D and Mr Puffy define the exact terms of their bet? Is the winner going to be the person who takes the most minutes of their mara time or the one who makes the biggest percentage improvement?

    edited - of course, if you current times are very similar it will be one and the same!

  • Are you a business systems analyst slugsta? Good call!

    Best thing would be the biggest % improvement in WAVA.

    I have met Mr P and lets just say D2D has a few years on him image

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