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    No, JB, I'm a humble nurse - but am used to looking critically at research statistics.
  • Correct me if i'm wrong, but i believe i read that D2D's time is 3:45, and puffys is 3:46, so theres really no difference.

  • But 3:45 for a male of mature years and 3:46 for a young female are different when you adjust for age and sex?

    You're comparing apples and oranges innit.

  • I agree, but not if you go by London good for age places,

    Women 18-49  sub 3.45

    Men        41-59  sub 3.15!!!

  • The London GFA qualification time for older blokes is a joke, innit?

  • The london quali time for all ages is a joke!

    I'm looking forward to being 70.... in 34 yrs time...

  • The difference in GFA times between males and females is skewed - should be no more than 20 minutes to be "fair".
    It's based on numbers, not comparative difficulty.
  • Well, the original wager was simply based on time, because our pb's are very similar, but I don't mind either way, I am happy to leave that up to D2D?  I am 48, I have the heart and lungs of a 25 year old and the liver of a corpse.

  • I hope the 25 year old didn't mind you taking them!
  • I'm sure someone more technical can explain why, but I also find it very hard to run slow during the week after a 5K or 10K.  I am capable of running an awful lot faster for no apparent extra effort.  Personally, I always concentrate on keeping the pace back to where it shoud be. (Going out and running a Half distance in a "PB" time the day after a 5K, and the week after a previous Half "PB" sounds like the fastrack to injury method)

    If I see you at Stratford, I shall definately be calling you Devoted2Distance when I say hello. K**y just sounds all wrong.

  • I wonder if my next race will drum up so much interest on this forum?  image

     hmmmmmmmm............ thought not!  image

  • Devoted2Distance wrote (see)

    Shall we just go with whoever gets a faster time?


    You've got the youth, the looks, now you want a head start!

    Either - old pb minus new pb, simple figures

    or - time on 25th adjusted to that WAVA thing that JB knows.

    I would be happy for a 3rd party to check all the figures, 2 if you like.

  • WAVA score improvements would be a much fairer way of doing it
  • D2D - no one would be interested in my next race because I'm not about to do anything spectacular! image
  • If I was the 1st woman to finish i'd consider that spectacular!  In fact, if I was the 1st LV40 I'd be happy! 
  • image  ooh I don't know, now you've impressed him with your 5K.........

    He can train me to be 1st LV40 in my next race!

  • Alius iacta est.

    Would you like to nominate a referee? Someone who will verify previous times and monitor results on race day and promise not to use real names?

  • I'd be up for that!! image
  • D2D..  don't know if you are still planning on running tomorrow, but best of luck.  Let us know your time..

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