Wanna run again... need help

Hi all.
I'd like some advice, it's been more than 4 yrs since my last run. To help me get fitter i recently joined a gym as i'm feeling well outta shape :( Currently I spend 2-3 hrs/day in the gym 5 days/wk and i feel my fitness level is slowly returning to normal. I think it'll take about 6 mths before I feel right.

Does anyone wanna give me some tips on how to return?



  • Don't go overboard with expectations. Setting your sights too high and never achieving what you are aiming for will leave you frustrated and dispirited.

    As far as running is concerned I run / walk. At least it gets you started and as you progress the length of time you walk will decrease over a period of time.

    The only other thing i do is not to do any 'TRAINING' because it's two nasty four letter words joined up. I go out because I enjoy going out. Psychology? well maybe!
  • My break in running lasted about ten years. I spent (and still spend) no time at all in gyms. I suppose I have had fitness somewhat thrust upon me as I am not a car driver, so it is cycle or shanks mare if I want to get anywhere.

    Nonetheless, as soon as I got walking without sticks again, I started "running". Which means walking/running/walking, but getting outside and doing it.

    And I find it absolutely intoxicating.

    But like KK, although I may get out there four or even five times a week, I don't do training. I don't even own a watch yet, although Venom has kindly offered to do something about that. The T word makes me uneasy, unhappy, humiliated and ashamed. I'm not ever going to run fast, but I'm going to be able to run long and love it.

    What are your aims? It does not at all follow that they should be the same as mine, but the answer to your questions depends on your dreams.

    Above all enjoy it.
  • I agree with KK the important thing is to enjoy what you are doing.
    I also use the run/walk method, it got me round my first 10k in 1hr 6mins - which I'm very proud of, and what's even better is I relished every minute of it!
    Just remember to go easy - there will be days when you don't feel like running or going to the gym & that's fine - its about achieving a balance.
  • If you've been fit before, then you'll find it easier to get back in to it. I don't know if the muscles have some sort of memory but I found it easier to get back to fitness after a two year break than I did the first time I started running.

    Good luck!
  • KK, I don't look at going to the gym as 'Training' - it's not as if i'm forced to go.. I just go, plus i enjoy it... sometimes I make new friends and because i'm self-motivated, I always end up getting others to work harder... (dunno how, i do it.. just happens and sometimes they say thanks afterwards... it's werd!)

    Unlike most gym members i'm actually happy about my body, i'm not one of those who wanna lift crazy heavy weights. However i do use weights but only light ones - more for building endurance (10kg arm extensions, 25 reps, 3 sets), every other day.

    I don't have huge goals.. I just like to return to my old days when a two mile run makes me feel stressless and as for distance, well... i'll add it on as i come to it, I'm still young.

    I choose not to drive and we have great public transport - anyway i'm a anti-cars person. Prefere push-bikes & in-line skates.
  • Im a 51 year old, just decided this week to start up again.....after a 25 year lay off lol.  Done 7 half marathons and a full marathon in my mid 20s....now cant do a mile without walking.  But im a do it kind of guy....bring it on I say!.....the old legs are sore today, the lungs were bursting....but Im sticking with it.  Feels good after you are done...hot shower...feet up....very satisfying feeling.  Im on endomondo if anyone wants to join me.  PM me your details and I will add.image

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