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Hi All

A work colleague of mine was browsing the internet the other day and found a poster company that specialises in cult programmes.

I was really pleased to find one for Chorlton and the Wheelies, one of my fav programmes when I was young (now my screensaver)But no one else in the office can remember it. I'm surely not that old!

Can anyone out there remember it? What other favourites did you have from your childhood? I was also a big fan of the Flumps and Bod (how sad)

Lets see what gems you can come up with!


  • Yeh, I used to like Chorlton and the Wheelies

    along with "The clanggers" and later on Danger Mouse

  • Clangers was good :-)
  • Pogles wood
    Noggin the nog.
  • OK, so I show my age now....
    How about Camberwick Green, Trumpton, Mary Mungo and Midge, Blue Peter (in Black and White), Play Away with Brian Cant, Grange Hill with Tucker Jenkins.
    Watching Pot Black, the snooker programme in B & W was also a great night's telly!
  • 'Ello Little Old Lady.

    Still try to model myself on Chorlton's laid back manner.

    Willow the Wisp another classic. Mr Ben....Mary Mongo and Midge....Calimero....Chrystal Tipps and Alistair.....Bagpuss.....Clangers etc etc etc.

    Worst part of Mr Benn was when the shop keeper showed up at the end and you knew the adventure was over for another week...boo hoo
  • PD

    You forgot about Chiggly (Spelling ???)

  • Dangermouse was great - I used to have to hurtle home from school to catch it. And sadly I think that was in the 6th form.
    Mr Benn was a great hero of mine. He's got a guide to Life out at the moment. Quite disturbing though !
    Blue Peter was ace, but not Grange Hill - it was too close for comfort to my school to enjoy that !

    Still don't get the Clangers. I like the Tweenies now - especially when they do their field trips. Teletubbies was good - I saw it before all the fuss about it came out and was raving onto my mates about this great psychedelic kids prog on Sunday tv at 7am. Grown out of it now though.
  • The Ghosts of Motley Hall. Metal Mickey. Robbies Robots. Pitkins ? Rentaghost. Follyfoot. Doubledeckers. Banana Splitz.
  • Pipkins ! It's Time.........
    Hartley Hare rules !
  • It's just got to be Thunderbirds....

    And the Clangers, White Horses, Belle and Sebastian.

    Kids TV nowadays is not too bad providing you can cut through the crap japanese cartoons - things like Angela Anaconda, Travelling Thornberrys, Playdays, even the Tweenies are quite good.

  • Oh my goodness, Follyfoot! I'd forgotten that - boy did I love it. Also Black Beauty and Seven Little Australians.
  • The Queens Nose is a really good latter day one.
  • Jackanory was always good as was Magpie, but only because I used to have a crsuh on Jenny Hanley!
  • And even now she makes me muddle up my words!
  • I used to prefer Magpie to Blue Peter (Much more hippy)

    I actually went out and bought Danger Mouse on DVD the other day :o)
  • Follyfoot was a particular favourite because of the theme tune mentioning a lightening tree. Our nearest stable had a distinctive lightning struck tree that my sister and her friends were convinced the programme was all about. Kids huh.
  • Try this site for size. It'll bring back all sorts of memories...
  • What about HR Puff 'n' Stuff (sp?) with Jack Wild and a character called Witchypoo (sp?)?

    Does anyone remember Twizzle?

    ...and The Wooden Tops - with the wonderful goose-stepping spotty dog!?

    ...and The Tomorrow People (the guys with the jaunt belts)?

    ...and the series called Tales from Europe and, in particular, a story called The Singing Ringing Tree?

    No, I don't (quite) have square eyes - but I do wear contact lenses!!

    Happy Shambling!
  • I remember Clangers, Andy Pandy (hopefully re-runs), Bagpuss, Pipkins, Ghosts of Motley Hall, Rentaghost, Playschool, Jackanory (which I couldn't stand), and anyone remember Issy Noho (don't know how it was spelt, had a panda with a magic paint box)? Jamie and the magic torch, Dangermouse (think I may have been at high school by then), Secret Squirrel etc.

    What about fav games; Mouse Trap, Kerplonk, Buckeroo (oh the fights with my sister!), Operation.
  • Listen with Mother and Mike Reid and Noel Edmonds on Radio 1 each morning.
  • Strange how the mind plays tricks with these old programs

    For instance :-

    Time for bed said Florence
    Boing went zeberdee


    Seamen Staines and Master Bates
  • The flashing blade - super awfully dubbed action yarn.
    Robinson Crusoe
    Great Barrier Reef

    Bleep and Booster ( in Blue Peter?)
    The double deckers!!!! Stand up Aswad's Brinsley!
  • BK, being so innocent we never realised how rude they were. I say bring those programmes back so we can have a good laugh now.

    Rubarb and Custard and Noah and Nelly, while I remember them. Oh and Paddington Bear.

    Grange Hill with Tucker and co., was great. The classic episode being the field trip when they go off to the barn for a sneaky fag and set the place on fire.
  • Issy Noho was good. And Little Blue - the Blue elephant - apparently he bit a fountain pen in the bath, and that explains the colour.

    The theme tunes were better in those days methinks.
  • Coughie, at last someone remembers Issy Noho, everytime I mention it people look at me like I've just landed in a space craft. (I know I have that effect on people anyway :-)).
  • Does anyone remember The Point. It was an animated film with music by Harry Nilsen?
  • Anyone apart from me remember Ludwig? It was one of those five-minute programmes that signalled that children's TV was drawing yo a close and the yucky News was imminent (although I loved Nationwide - remember that?) Ludwig was a cartoon about a cute robot thing that played snatches of Beethoven melodies. I loved it.

    You can get Bagpuss, Ivor the Engine and the Clangers as a video set. My children love them. They're also hooked on the Herbs.

    Will, if you like Poppy the cat from Playdays, you'll also like the Shiny Show. "Poppy" does the voice for Tigs. Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, you're the one who is the winner...

  • Seamen Staines and Master Bates are just urban myths
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