VLM 2010 - Volunteering

It's looking likely that I'll have to defer my VLM place until next year but, since I already have my accomodation booked for 2010 (wasn't cheap!), will be spending the weekend in London anyway.

My original plan would be to simply pick a prime spot and soak up the atmosphere as a spectator, but I know I'll be itching to be more 'involved' than that.

So, can anyone give me some clues on how to offer my services as a volunteer for the day, what opportunities are there? I presume drinks stations, baggage collection areas etc need volunteers, but not sure if that's all organised via clubs or whether it's individual volunteers.

I've looked on the VLM website and can't see anything - will try calling their helpline, but thought I'd ask on here first.

Cheers. x


  • I enquired last year and the response from LM HQ was that they don't organise individual volunteers, they work with local clubs, scouts, community groups etc and those groups do the detail of who does what.

    I read someone on here the other day talking about   helping on a baggage truck can't remember who it was though.

  • Thanks puffy, I thought that might be the case.

    I'd heard mention of helping out on baggage trucks as well... will see if I can find out about that. If anyone can put me in touch with any groups that normally get involved, that would be fab.

  • Isn't there a list in the back of the mag?  I will try to dig out an old acceptance one.
  • Try contacting Trigg via the Virgin London Marathon thread she helps via Edmonton Running Club may be able ot help....
  • baggage trucks are manned by different running clubs around the London area.  My club (about 30 miles from London) does three trucks, and we get three extra club entries in return...it's how I got a place for 2010 image

     If you don't belong to a club that helps at VLM, why not help at the RW mile 18 get together?

  • Plenty of room for more supporters at the Mudchute.  It's great fun and you'll be guaranteed of an appreciative audience of forumites who will reward your offer of jelly babies with a sweaty hug image  Allegedly there was a lot of beer and wine around last year but I didn't get involved in that sort of thing image
  • Juliefrazz - check out Barley's thread here.  He is arranging support at Mudchute and I am sure there would be room for one more
  • Mr. Puffy is right they only deal with organisations, my wifes company supply staff for a water station every year in exchange for entries, this year I was given 1 as there were no takers from the company.
  • Thanks TP and Schmunkee, I've just added my name to the mudchute supporters list ..... looking forward to helping out and meeting a few forumites in the process!

  • I am looking for volunteers to help me by emptying my bucket on the way round. There will be 3 of us and we like to have someone around different parts of the course to collect our charity money from us at approx. every 5 miles or so.

    Any volunteers?

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