Newmarket 100 Miles

This is a Centurions Qualifying event.( A Centurion is one who has walked 100 miles within 24 hours). To acheive this the pace is just over 4 mph and you don't have to adopt the 'funny' race walking style.
What do you need? Good health, mental strength and determination. Those who take part will be of all ages. If you feel up to the challenge the Event Director is:
Peter Selby. 4 The Parade, Maresfield. East Sussex. TN22 5BS.
or contact Ron Wallwork on 01638 662828. Remember - if you average 4 mph you will miss the time limit by an hour! It is tough and not for wimps.


  • Forgot to include the date:

    26/27 July 2003.

    I believe there are awards for covering distances from 26 miles upwards but to qualify as a member of the Centurions you need to cover 100 miles within 24 hours.
  • Boing - I thought someone would rise to the challenge!
  • sounds good to me but have to check my diary
  • i struggled to walk 26.2 in 7 hours so 4 timeds that would be a bl&&dy nightmare and i think im reasonably fit!!!!!!
  • Sounds straightforward-its bad enough trying to run over 100 miles in 24 hours.
    Every time Sandra Brown's been in the same 24 hour race as me she's beaten me. And she walks the whole way!
  • TR, Sandra Brown is quite astounding - in 1992 she won the 100 miles race at Hungerton in 18 hrs 50 mins 29 secs. I think it was really a dead heat since she crossed the line hand in hand with her husband Richard but was awarded the race since she had led all the way.
    I qualified 41 years ago in 22-9-27 and never dreamt I'd see a women achieve a time three and a half hours faster.
    Yes she is wonderful.
  • same weekend as trailwalker, sorry
    Ill only be doing 60 miles then, and we have up to 30 hours to do so
  • Well yes but the trailwalker course will be much more difficult. It is a tough event. Good luck to all trailwalkers.
  • Dont say that Neversweat
    theres only 48 days to go!
  • I will be watching the results with interest. Don't worry Hippo - think of the tremendous achievement when you finish.
    Not many would even contemplate it.
    You will do it.
  • Thanks neversweat
    i never give up
  • Hippo Tart???? How's the foot Benzy.
    You'll really like Sandra, she does her 100 miles then goes off for breakfast. Then, just about when you think you've finally got a chance to beat her you hear this cheery voice behind you!! She gets bored and gets back on the track and does another 10 miles. And I really can't keep up with her.
  • foot ok timothy
    Done 4 miles run,and now about to do the same walking
    need to visit one of my little flock in hospital

    Theres another thread on here you might be interested in, lands end-----

    Hippo tart, ask the fruity tart about that
    a bit of silliness
  • Lands end? Oh yes, it was Sandra's hubby Richard who Monique's friend Andy "took" the record off!
    My wife and me (I?)and we plan to cycle the end to end some day, probably once the kids have left home (we've got 3 before you ask-the youngest is 8)
  • How do you train for something like this? Furtherest I've run is a marathon, but I'm really curious about this. Four times that distance sounds like torture - I might even give it a whirl some day!!
  • STOP{ boinging this thread

    (I am NOT interested)
  • Yes you are
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