Runners world app


got a sony erricson w995

is there an app for runners world ?

i can find te site on web , but content and page too large, any techies who can help


  • A runners world app for the iphone would be great, dont think work would enjoy it as i would never be off here haha
  • not sure about the sony erricson but i have searched for an app for the i-phone and there doesnt seem to be one, you can however, save the homepage on to your main apps screen for instant access to the full website.

    Matthew, cool pic of you (i presume its you) and haile
  • Good thinking about saving the website to your homepage going to do that now.

     Yeah thats me in the picture, It was at the Manchester 10K last year, I seen him warming up in a side street so shouted him over, was really nice and talked for a few mins, wished each other good luck, he went on to win and i had a crap run never mind haha, Just got his book looking forward to reading it on my holiday.

  • Dont think there is, but I use Opera Mini as a browser on my phone and RW works really well on it.
  • haha, matthew, i thought you were going to say you beat him!
    Might have been a crap run but you got a good wee experience on the day!
  • sorry for the total abandonment of this thread, maybe the techies at rw could come up with an app
  • Is it too large even in landscape?  Looks fine on the iPhone.
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