City of London Road Race

Is anybody doing the City of London Road Race or the Fun Run next thursday?


  • what's that then?

    Only said this cos you were on your lonesome with no replies..
  • There's a crowd from work doing it. I'm not - can't be @arsed.
  • What's the distance? Is this a corporate type run a la Chase challenge (*yawn*)?
  • Just googled up the site. For those interested:

  • It is a run that some of my colleagues at Work are taking part in and they sort of roped me in to doing it I have never heard of this run before but I will do it now that my name has been put down.
  • Just got back from the run. I managed 20:15 over the 3.5m. I am sure I could have done far better. After 500 meter I already backed off, because the women field started 5 minutes before the men. Hence, you were forced to run slalom. The course was a bit funny too up and down the stairs. If it gets too easy it would be boring! I am sure it is very difficult to organise such an event. I though the start area was okay. There were only a few toilets around the start. It was no problem for me, changed in the nearby gym and left my kit there. Apart from that there was water, warm up and different zones accomodating slower and fast runners. The finish was okay, plenty of volunteers, got a medal, t-shirt, water and
    mars bar. I didn't saw any mile markers, but for a 3.5 run it is not really important. Also no need for water station, 3.5m is too short. My main concern was saftey. There should have been more volunteers on the course. I got pretty scared when I saw a runner almost brought down by a cab.
  • Does this race have any connection to the sqaure mile run which I believe is on the 12th June and is also 3.5 miles I believe ?

    Didn't know about this one or I might have done it.
  • I don't think there is a connection between the City Road Race and the Square Mile Run. According to the leaflet it is more a fund raising event.

    I assume roads are not closed for the Square Mile Run. Lack of support from the mayor (I guess). They really should make more out of these events onsidering London bidding for the Olympics.
  • See for the results. Had to wait a bit in the funnel and got according to the organisers a 20:20 (61). Considering the course the time doesn't matter. The winner came in 16:47!!!
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