ipod or not

is its better for our training, ipod or not


  • why not tommygun2 thank you
  • each to thier own Soulmate

    Its like asking milk or white chocolate

    and you are likley to get varying opinions on here
  • The best thing for running training is running.  iPods are good for listening to music, but going to a gig is better.

    You could try running to a gig!

    <<falls off chair>>

  • It's not like milk or white chocolate.

    That'd be "run fast or slow?", or "listen to Mozart or Led Zeppelin?"

    It's more like "do you need to drink copious amounts of booze in order to cook?"

  •   hi m...eldy i think its onething or another good or bad for training that why i want to get to the bottom of it,nothink to do with milk or choclate thank you m...eldy.
  • ...or "do you need to do lots of speed in order to cram for your exams?"


  • I obviously stand corrected

    I was merely highlighting the daftness of the question !
  • each to their own - but don't suddenly collapse if youre not allowed to race with it.

    I'm sure this has been debated before. just....cant...put...my...finger...on...it...image

  • SM ... thats the problem,  its not one thing or another and it has been debated to death on here

    Some do,  some dont

  • And I was merely highlighting the lucidity the comes after a couple of glasses of beer, but doesn't last for long - especially when another glass of beer is looming image

  • thank you chocolate moose good input 1 for no music.
  • soulmate wrote (see)
    why not tommygun2 thank you

    1) Have enough to think about without the distraction of music ie. is that speeding car in the lane about to run me over,...oh is that a wood pecker I can hear ..oh there is someone running/cycling up behind me.

    2) I think people who rely on them become mono paced. image

    3) I like to listen to my body image

    4) I like to acknowledge other people rather than go into an Ipod trance ,its just more sociable I find.image

  • hi m...eldy yes somedo some dont but what best for training with or with out.
  • Don't get me wrong - I like music.  For quite a while in my youth I thought it would be my living (oh, the naivety of youth).

    In a way, I think I like it too much to let myself use it, simplistically, as a form of self-hypnosis.

    I'd rather go for a good run, then come home and pick a record for the emotion, the colour, the wonder and the beauty, rather than for the BPM.

  • Tommygun... that's good - "mono paced", "listen to your body..."

    Your name was also quite a good record by The Clash image (without the '2', though)

  • Yup CM thats where my nickname comes from, I grew up listening to the clash and my mates all called me Tommy Gun.. Simples.

    That the thing I don't get about Ipods/ Mp3 and the like,what happens when the wrong beat comes on and you want to run faster or slower than the beat. How does it become helpful then. Because I cant believe that poeple can pick thier whole play list for each part of a HM or Full mara. But I could be wrong and am quite frequentlyimage

  • <<trivia for its own sake>>

    I roadied three gigs of the Guns on the Roof tour image

  • ...but why the '2'?
  • because when I joined RW there was already a Tommygunn so I decided that I would just add the 2.

    I think the other Tommygunn is on fetch more than on here.

    As simple as that I'm afraid.

  • I much prefer running with music - I just find it helps me tune into my running quicker and block out all other intrusions buzzing around my head!  That said I can run fine without music and sometimes choose to do so; it really is just a preference not a reliance thing!  Makes me laugh that people think we become ignorant  when listening to I pods - I still smile and chat to other runners if I see them and feel fully in tune with my body so guess we all different.  Go with what works best for you!
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭

    Easily the best mp3 player on the market

    But I wouldn't fucking run with one.
  •  hi tom why wouldn,t you, please let me know, i,m in the middle its not what i feel its what best for my training and why please help i know very wise kindest regards to one and all lets keep its cool no bad words ,

  • Just do whatever works for YOU matey. I cant tell you what you like. If it gets you out running - then good for the ipod. Sometimes I run with mine (if i can find the bugger) and often I run without. Doesnt make much difference to me other than I can catch up with the archers whilst running.
  • thank,s cougie for your input i can tell your a gentleman, may good fortune follow you.
  • I have mixed feelings on this.

     I used to do a lot of running with an mp3 player....

     Personally though, as I never race with one, I'd sooner do all my training closer to 'race conditions'. The other thing is you become a lot more in tune with what your body is doing... running too hard, injuries etc. if you are running with no music. It's a good distraction from the pain of hard exercise.... haha.. but sometimes you need to be 'feeling' and 'hearing' what your body is doing and the effects of the run. 

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