My mojo's running away...

My best run to date was Tuesday week ago when I ran 33 mins without stopping and felt fabulous but then I didn't get out again until last Sunday and only managed 17 minutes before I had to walk then ran/walked all the way home. Felt very disappointed and that combined with the c**p weather has kept me off the roads. My race for life is on 18th June and I'm seriously thinking of just walking the lot.

I know I sound defeatist but I've had a horrible week and just need a good run to get me back on track with the running at least.Sorry for being a moaning minny.


  • NO DIPPY!! YOU ARE NOT WALKING IT! You will run it with country girl, fit chick and me and best of all... you will enjoy it. We all have off days. I had a right nightmare sequence of runs last week and decided that i had too much on my plate so haven't run for a week now. I'll probably be rubbish when i go out at the weekend. I've been assured it does get better. I'll be back in P'boro in two weeks so fit chick, yourself and i can all meet up and so some runs together! i'm looking forward to it already!
  • Thanks chick, good to hear from you. Hope you are feeling a bit better. I feel like a right whinger compared to what you are coping with mind you I'm in a quandry over whether or not to go for a job I really fancy so my mind has been filled with that. At the minute running is an added pressure rather than a release valve. Wish it wasn't so!!
  • yep know that feeling. thats another reason why i haven't been out- i didn't want to dislike running.

    I'm feeling better- got to the point where i can't be bothered anymore- i'm so bored. My life centres around revision and food at the moment. Just walking to the shops for milk is exciting. still this time in two weeks and it will all be over!!!!

    whats the job?

    when are you going out running again?
  • Hi Guys,

    Congrats to the both of you for taking a step into the right direction to a healthier lifestyle. I took up running this time last year and could only run for 15 minutes. I have now completed FLM 2003 and came 21st out of 2000 people in a 10k race last week - everyone go's through bad stages, I went through one for three months and yes it's a nightmare but keep it up and I garuntee you will be hooked on this running lark.

    Good luck in the race for life, I'll be doing it too.
  • Dippy

    Chick is right. When she gets home we are ALL going to meet up and do some training runs together. You are not in it alone, we are a team. The team that trains together stays together! Country Girl that includes you as well!

    Below is a quote I found on another web site which I think applies to us all.

    "If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves."
    —Thomas Alva Edison

    Keep running, keep positive!

  • Dippy, just look at how far we have all come in the last few months since we started this lark, WE CAN DO IT we must think positively.
    I am meeting up with Fit Chick next week for a training run ( it's half term and I'm not at school) can't meet with you all the week after, but will see you at Ferry Meadows on the 18th.

    Looking foward to it.
    Keep your spirits up.

    Fit chick that is a great quote.

    Chick hope your feeling better

  • Thanks guys. Will do a run sometime this weekend but the in laws are descending on us today until Wednesday (deep joy). Hey, maybe I can go on lots of runs just to escape!!

    Chick, the job is crime analysis, something that's always fascinated me. I'm about 80 percent qualified for it but it's full time and I have two little 'uns to think about. ho hum what to do. Mind you there'll probably be so many go for it that worrying is academic!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    I'd say that having the in-laws staying is a great reason to get out running: 1) there's someone in the house to look after the mini Dippys and 2) you'll probably be desperate for some personal space!

    I've been running for just over a year now and trust me, even more experienced runners have off days. Last night I really struggled with a route I can normally run easily. All sorts of factors affect whether you have a good run or not: the weather, your mood, how tired you are, hormones, how hard your last run was ...

    Don't give up: once you become hooked you wonder how you lived without running. Seriously, since I became a runner I've noticed an increase in my self-confidence, I generally have more energy, I have a fit, toned body which I'm happy with, I feel more positive about any problems I have to deal with and I can eat whatever I like without putting on an ounce!
  • Job sounds great. Really interesting. NOW GET YOUR TRAINERS ON!
  • Dippy

    Go for the job! If you don't you will always be wondering about it and whether it was right for you. I am also on the look out for another job, only problems is I don't know quite what I want!.

  • i told you to go and look at that IKEA one!!!
  • Ooo yes, IKEA, think of the discounts fit chick!!
  • Did kiddo and the open day was the week before, the radio got it wrong or dad heard it wrong. However from talking to someone who already has family working there in the office, feel its not what I want anyway, too much sitting on phone all day getting orders, I want accounts work of some sort!
  • By the way Ikea warehouse is not run by Ikea but by Norbert Dentressagngle Logistics, so you get no discount on furniture etc. Bad luck!
  • What a B**ger.
  • i know. Bloke and i are looking to buy a house and have been on several trips to IKEA. A discount would have been handy.
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