Rutland Water Marathon



  • does anyone have a post code for the south shore car park where it says to park ?

    done cardiff yesterday and feeling good, time to start the taper...

    see you all there...

    p.s. anyone else going for a sub 3:30 ?

  • I'm training for a sub 3:15 buck79, so that probably means realistically a sub3:30 as I always muck up my races. Did the longest slow run of training yesterday, 22 miles (2h55m), and now just winding down to the day itself. Looking forward to it.
  • I'm hoping for sub-3:15. I plan to take an exploratory stroll around the Hambleton peninsula on the Saturday, though, just to see how gnarly that bit of the course is. I will maybe raise or lower my expectations accordingly..
  • well im really using this one as a bit of a dummy run before i take on brighton next year... so i aim to enjoy it, get round in one piece, but at the same time, get a reasonably good time !

  • J2R wrote (see)
    Spence bears a striking resemblance to Nell McAndrew, who is no mean runner - she did last year's London Marathon in 3:10.

    I've met both Spence and Nell, and I never noticed the similarity before... then again neither had her bits out at the time.

    Mind you, I've never seen them both in the same room either...

  • Part of me (a sensible part which I rarely listen to) is telling me that if I've no real chance of a PB on the course, I should aim for something else which is worthwhile to achieve. One such thing might be to get around the course with the least hardship of all the marathons I've done, which would involve a pace probably 45 seconds per mile slower than my PB pace. This has a certain appeal. But I'll probably just aim for a PB, grossly underestimate the 'undulations' and end up around mile 22 wishing I'd never been born.
  • J2R we are on the same wave length here! I feel the exact same way and know that however I talk myself out of trying for a pb, come the day and standing on the start line I'll end up doing what I always do.

    The same thing happened at a local one a month or so ago (two2go), where I planned on just getting round as a nice training run and to test out the legs after injury. It was flat though, so I pegged it and come mile 20 ish suffered when I lost concentration (lycra bottom in front didn't help) and stacked it. Then I did wish I had never been born as  I hobbled the rest of the way to the finish!!

    I'm signed up for Brighton next year as well buck79, so when this one goes pear shaped it will be claimed loud and clear  that it is okay, it was only a dummy run for Brighton.. Then I'll go and shout at the wildlife a bit.

  • J2R & BSW77 - i feel im in good company here... a race is a race at the end of the day...
  • Pin that number on and the only way I can not race is if I'm pacing someone else. First and last long run of this campaign completed today. Pleased with a reasonable 20 miler two weeks after a hard raced Loch Ness and the day after a flat out, if short, duathlon. Time to find that bounce that I'm sure used to be in my legs whilst not going mad through doing too little.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Guys I am with you on this one and am going for a pb also!

     My previous best was 4.12 in Edinburgh where it was really hot, the thinking is that without the heat getting a pb shouild be no problem!

    Got a 10 seconds PB at Bradford half on Sunday whihc was a brutal course so I reckon i am in good shape!

  • This makes for great reading - it's almost like reading the mumblings of my mind, PB or not PB - PB PB PB, lycra in front killing concentration, mile 20 end of the world is nigh.

    Bugger it - I'm going for 3:15 and failing that I'd collapse in front of Nell McAndrew and tell her she forgot it was Cancer Research Charity Day!

    Jimmy - I PB'd in Eddy in 2009 - it was pretty hot at around 24 degrees, having said that my first marathon was Paris in 07, 32 degrees on the track and I (in my youthful enthusiasm) only used SIS gels (heeey it's isotonic - you don't need water - lol), to say Crazy Legs Crane made a guest appearance at mile 18 would be to underplay proceedings a little...
  • Well originally I wanted to try and PB, but I haven't done any where near enough training or any real long runs so am going to plod round this I think in an attempt to finish, especially in light of the hills.
  • Jimmy, I also did Bradford half - well done on your PB! I was 7 mins off mine, but felt I'd run well on a very hilly course. Whatever the hills are like at Rutland, they will be nothing like bradford! At least I'm assuming so...
  • Based on some our Edinburgh experiences (I did 2009 as well Jaseyshef - the sun burn I got then lasted through to this year; I sweat too much!) then I guess we won't mind if it is a bit cooler for this one.

    I went out today under clear blue skies and it was fresh and crisp. My seven miles went quickly, head is screwed with work issues so that explains why I don't remember a two mile hill, but the air just kept me perky all the way through > if it was the same weather for Rutland I'd love it.

  • "I (in my youthful enthusiasm) only used SIS gels (heeey it's isotonic - you don't need water - lol), to say Crazy Legs Crane made a guest appearance at mile 18 would be to underplay proceedings a little..."

     Woah. This'll be my first marathon (in fact my first "more than 10 mile race" in about eight years) and I'm pretty much planning on SIS gels plus water whenever there's a station. I've been doing just gels on my long runs in training and it's working well for me. Am I kidding myself? Should I be thinking more carefully about nutrition?

  • Morning Ali,

    no wrong end of the stick - SIS gels are very good and I have used them on all marathons I've done, but in Paris due to my complete lack of real experience I tried to just use them, no water no isotonic drink.

    If you use these and water you should be fine. Personally these days I use gels and carry a bottle of iso drink with me. I find that a small drink before - a gel and then a small drink after works well for me.

    Enjoy your first marathon - the feeling when you cross the line really can be life affirming!
  • He's lying - you'll probably be wondering why on earth you thought it was a good idea and swearing that you'll never do another - but within about two hours you'll be looking to sign up for the next one!
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Or you'll think, "Crap, mucked that up. Next time I'll do this differently, and that differently". Then you'll be caught in a never ending circle forever running marathons or training for them......

    Even colder today so had to warm the legs up well beforehand. Was good run today and I think the cold air helped me get around the ten miles at the 7:16 pace i had to run at. Only 13 more runs until the race for me!

  • Got my number (771) and did 20 miles in 2-43 this morning so feeling as ready as I'm likely to. I'm aiming for under 3-45 which will be a PB. As another veteran of Edinburgh 2009 I'm also hoping the weather is much like this mornings - dry, not too breezy and not too warm.
  • Amanda - those hills at bradford were brutal werent they!! I am hoping training on all these hilly runs will make RW seem like a breeze that is what I am hoping for anyway!

    Did my final long run today before tapering off - 20 miles round leeds with planty of hills in there. Managed in 2.54. Am thinking i am in good shape for that sub 4 hour time!

  • Sounds like you had a great run yesterday Jimmy - I did a 15 miler mid week, but nothing long this weekend. Sounds like you should come in well under 4.
  • Yeah was really pleased as I did not really drop off in pace so much (allowing for the big hills I have to run up to get back to my house!) But i was kanckered yesterday aft when i had finished. 2 weeks of tapering now!

     Still no overly confident of achieving a sub 4 with the unkown difficulty of the course and the usual challenge of overcoming those last 6.2 miles! Still would be happy with a pb (4.12)

     What is your target time?

    What is everyones plans for the next 2 weeks?

  • the plan is to not go mad with the dreaded "taper madness"...
  • I've just got back after 3 days walking in Snowdonia to find my race pack waiting for me.

    Kissing gates and cattle grids. Some interesting hazzards to break (stop!) the pace. It's going to be interesting.

    Anyone used the Elete electrolyte. Looks like all the water at the 18/20 mile water station will have it added. Unless I've read that wrong. I'm not going out and spending a fortune and don't really have the time now to try it first. Anyone got any experience of it?

  • Never tried (or even heard of) elete before. I'll take my own gel (Shotz Berry/Banana) and have water when I need it.

    #601 for me.

  • Kissing gates - bonus ball!

    Pucker up ladeez!

  • I was a bit concerned about being force fed Elete too! And it does sound as though those PB's are going to be harder to get with the cattle grids and kissing gates - it could be more like a fartlek run!

    I shan't go over 10 miles now - keep the frequency, increase the intensity but decrease the miles. Swimming and cycling will continue as usual.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • I've never heard of elete either, tho will probably try it, as fortunately nothing seems to upset me (so far!) Will take a number of gels tho, try to take one every half hour. I've no expectations of a time, other than sub 4. Feel very undertrained, but then I've run marathons before with similar amount of training. I always seem to get times within a 10 minute span, however hard I've trained.
  • it shouldnt be aproblem this elete stuff, if anything it will aid the final 10k with hydration etc.

    looking forward to this now - not to fussed about getting a pb, but will try all the same ! kissing gates etc all add to the fun of this race - i have high expectations for this one and will try to enjoy it !

    just keeping an eye on the weather as its changing day by day and dont know whats best to wear... i cant see this being just shorts and vest weather !

  • My race pack came the other day as well, but the wife opened it for me. She never mentioned the cattle grids or kissing gates! It would be a shame to miss out on a pb because of them, but we'll jsut have to manage somehow I guess. My last marathon had a surprise near the start - steps up and over a train track.

    Just been into town and Holland & Barrett have a buy one get one half price offer on everything at the moment. Grabbed myself some PowerBar energy gels and energy bars. My usual to be honest, but our local one has different brands so could be worth a look for you all.

    I skipped my scheduled run today as have a slightly tight hamstring. The cold weather recently does no favours to my legs. Guess I just rest and stretch for the time being. Going to be annoyed if it actually goes, as I missed a marathon back in March when it went properly with two weeks to go. Fingers crossed.

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