Rutland Water Marathon



  • anything under 4:20 will be a PB !!

    did 18 miles in 2.5 hours Sunday morning (in the cold and dark) so aiming for a sub 4 but the we'll have to see on the day how the old feet take running on the off tarmac bits

    The only criticism I can come up with on the course it that if we make the finish at the pub on the uphill bit near the end then wecould see some impressive sprints 

  • Anything under 5:19 will be a PB !!!!! image

    I'll miss a PB for a kiss at every gate! image

  • It could well be shorts and t-shirt - it's forecast to get up to 14C this weekend.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • I was looking for a cheeky marathon to finish off the year as feeling really fit having just done Lochness followed by Venice.  This one is handy as near my folks, but has nothing on the website about registering.  I take it this means it's full - anyone know if there's still a chance of getting a place?


  • Will have to cut down on the food now I am tapering off otherwise I will be carrying an extra half a stone come a week on sunday!

    As long as its not windy raining i dont mind what temp it is!

  • Tracey - your best bet is to e-mail the organisers.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • OK, I have submitted an email enquiry, but will perhaps indicate that would be delighted to get a cancellation place to be in with a chance.  Thanks!  image

  • Gutted, would love to do this - but it is full.  Anyone know how I could get a place through people who can no longer run it?  Thanks!
  • Hi Tracy, I have an entry for Rutland Marathon if you are still looking for one. I can no longer take part as I have to go to Germany on same day due to work commitments. Let me know if you are interested.


  • number 566 for me... really looking forward to a marathon with no pressure (i.e. not as intense as bloody london)

    got last lsr on sunday (a very easy 90 - 120mins) then only 2 more easy sessions next week...

    just hope there is no rain - its looking promising... 


  • Thanks Ian, that would be amazing!  Will they allow transfer of numbers or would I need to pretend to be you?!  If so, do they need id on the day or anything?  Thanks again! Tracey
  • Lighter Feet will be at Rutland Water Marathon providing:

    Kinesio Sports Taping, a blister Clinic & Podiatry Treatment.Check out our blog for more info.

    Feel free to come and ask us about your foot problems!

     We look forward to meeting your feet on the day!


  • possible snow showers predicted

  • Hi Tracy I have contacted Fat-Feet to see about transfer of entry and if there is a correct procedure. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything. If anyone else out there has already done this could they let us know how they went about it.


  • Hi guys,

    I tried the same with a kindly forumite form here but they do not do transfers. They do have a waiting list you can jump onto and that is how I got my place, as did my running partner.

    Good luck Tracy.

  • woke up with a shitty cold on sat morn... how rubbish...

    must get rid of it before sunday...

    gutted if i have to miss out after all that hard training...

  • Buck I ran Mablethorpe about a month ago with a cold, pretty bunged up above the neck, I ran ok as it happens but a low level virus will nearly always damage a good PB.

    I wouldn't let it stop you running though.

  • A very enjoyable weekend for me down in London for the NFL. Limited myself to 2 beers and tried to avoid all the greasy food at the ground. Unfortunately by the time we had got out of wembley etc and got the tube to where we was staying the only thing open was a Macdonalds!!

    Oh well a week of healty eating should get that out of the system come sunday!

    Off for a 10/12 miler this aft to make up for the lack of running this weekend!

  • nice one jaseyshef, makes me feel a bit better... had a nice day on the sofa today and caught up with some well needed sleep and feel much better now so on the right road - lots of healthy food, water and MORE SLEEP and i should be good to go...

    good luck everyone for sunday - see you at the finish line hopefully !

     buck - No 566

  • Have a curryeer night to get through Wednesday .... other than that all is on track!
  • Hi All,
    Note posted here yet...
    Am geared up for Sunday - anyone running a rough 4.30 - 5.00hr pace? I'm number 602 and still consider myself a marathon novice...(although have done a couple already).

    Have done the main Rutland loop a couple of times as part of training - but not the peninsula. There are gates and the odd cattle grid but not that many that make any difference - unless you are watching the 'seconds'! One or two of the undulations may make us all breath a little harder!

    Just hoping the wet weather doesn't materialise. Any tips on blister prevention with wet feet for extended periods?

    Good luck everyone,



  • Brian - plenty of vaseline on your feet should do the trick.

    Hope the colds are starting to clear and that the taper niggles aren't proving too bothersome.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Vaseline it is!

  • For those that have done a loop or two, what is the terrain like please?
  • Terrain:

    Paths - mix of tarmac and trail (cinder in some areas and "packed" stone in others). I've done it in 'ordinary' running trainers with no problems. All even and smooth so no risk to ankles, etc. Cattle grids and gates noted.

    Undulations - 'some' - nothing particularly big or steep, but there are - in my view - plenty of gentle ups and downs!

    Met office weather: Cloudy with the risk of rain on Friday, but still very mild. This will clear southwards on Saturday, followed by cooler, showery conditions and a cold start to Sunday.

    Looking good for sunday morning! Fingers crossed.
  • cheers for the info brian... and yeah the weather should be perfect sunday morn (fingers crossed)

     cold almost gone apart from some extra snot that seems to refuse to go, but thats it so im pretty much on track !

     does any one know if there is anywhere nearby that can be used for showering ? a leisure centre or something ?


  • There's a big lake somewhere nearby, Buckimage
  • well, with the bike hire and the lake and the mara we could just do a tri while we're there!
  • Hi, any idea as to how many runners there'll be on Sunday?
  • about 650, give or take
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